[Archive] Leech's Big Hat CD's


Well, it finally happened.

I promised piccies like, 3 weeks ago, but my camera utterly failed on me, so I had to go out and get a new one.

Anywhoo, here’s the front and back of a Warrior.

The beard needs some form of Highlighting, but other than that I like him.

I think I might replace the faces with masks, for a mask/hat look. We’ll see.


I’d clip off the “Thorn” on his head, and fill the gaps near where the thumb tack meets the head. Otherwise, looks great!


Like the paint scheme looks great, i would go with Joshmohr, just cut the point off and fill in the gaps and then your sorted mate :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Maybe instead of removing the point, incorporate it a little better, so add some decoration or GS around it: it is a little too thin and tall otherwise and if you’re worried about how it’ll look, snip it off. You can always add something else on top later (flames are an oft-seen example, you could have smoke or anything else fitting).

As for paint, I like the scheme, I love the added big nose, but I think there needs to be something on the hat and/or on the shield. I like the inked shield a lot, but currently, there is a little too much plain red. You could paint a simple yellow lightning bolt or arrow onto the hat (front and back might be best with the arrow). I think that’ll really help to make it pop. What colour will you use for the beard’s highlight?

Good job and I’m very excited to see a whole unit of them come up!


Or instead of ‘clipping’ off the top of the pushpin you could melt it out and pull it off with a pair mole grips or the sort of tool. Its no where near as lible to break the pushpin hat? I find a ciggerette lighter and no more than 10 seconds does the trick.

Kera foehunter:

great job Mr leech !! i like the colors and his nose


Nice stuff there - are there more piccies in the works? >waits with popcorn until more appear<


Cool guy! :hat off

But for my liking the nose is much too big! :wink:

Remembers me of a comic style!

And like the others already mentioned the “thorne” should be removed!

Nonetheless nice start!



Cool, but the nose is a little big don’t you think? It kind of takes up his whole face, but the painting is top notch.