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hey there,

i’ve decided i want to have a go at sculpting from scratch as this is not something i have realy tried before. i was thinking that just incase i manage to come up with something which is worthy of casting and selling on what are the legal restrictions on this?

i know your not allowed to go casting gw parts etc. but how far does this extend?

is it wrong to create something which looks too much like its gw counterpart?

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GW are a$$holes and even if it remotely resembles one of their figs will pull copyright on ya I bet mate. GW spend more time policing their products than they do on making new ones !!!


I would keep it far enough away that they wouldn’t bother pursuing you. I.e. if you’re a hats person give them hats, but of a different design.

Casting of GW models will obviously end in legal issues, parts… depends on the size and nature. I doubt including a purity seal or spike on a model you cast would even be noticed.

Vulcanised (pressure moulded) moulds will not work with plastic parts anyway (or superglue either apparantly).

I say go for it. You could consider selling the greens to someone like Hasslefree Miniatures if its any good.


just been reading over the interlectual property rules on the gw website and it seems they are rather strict with what you can do, might have to rethink my ideas of pocketing a few pennies from sculpting some models lol


Nah dont give up mate, speak to people like Haslsefree and Olleys Armies and see if they can give you some pointers. GW being strict shouldnt put you off, just be aware of them and treat them like a rabid dog :slight_smile:


a long as they dont like like and are named differently you should be fine. your not even allowed to make conversion peices (say chaos dwarf heads for their plastic dwarfs) without a license, which is fairly sensible of them i suppose.

If your looking at selling why not just do your own stuff?


yer one of my firt thought was to attempt some conversion pieces which everyone could use but this is something which gw explicitly state is not allowed, i was just wondering where they draw the line, eg kyte has recently done some chaos dwarf immortal sculpts which have the trademark chaos dwarf beard and tusks.

i’ll have to see what i can come up with, thanx for all your advice here though guys

peace out


You can make conversion pieces, you just can’t advertise that they will work with GW products.

Kera foehunter:

Do what they do on e-bay don’t charge for the figure. But make them pay a high shipping price.