[Archive] Legendary weapons?


Something I am considering doing for my book is adding a few snippets to fill gaps on some legendary weapons.

These would be the equivalent of gotrek’s axe, slayer of kings, ghal maraz etc.

They could be weapons that have been lost, held in the vaults, or possibly even currently in use.

Any ideas? Or even better, if people want to write something I will try and include it. It’s only going to be short paragraphs.

Thommy H:

I made up The Hammer of Zharr, which is the legendary hammer used to break the foundations of Zharr-Naggrund. Zhatan carries it in my fluff/rules.


I might use that in principle (use the name and what it was used for), but I would have to have that one listed as in storage or lost as my version of zhatan has something else.

Ancient History:

There’s a couple items mentioned in Dwarfs - Stone and Steel that were Dwarf rune-weapons that Chaos Dwarfs had actually captured or otherwise obtained.


have you got the page numbers? :wink:

Ancient History:

Grimmaz and Gnoldron, p.60-61

Hashut’s Blessing:

Mayhaps it was a secret worshipper of Hashut that forged Ghal Maraz? Lol :smiley:

However, Sigmar was said to have walked off, alone, into the mountains towards the dwarfs and was never seen again. Mayhaps, he was actually captured by Dawi Zharr (he mistook them for an escort of Dwarfs perhaps). Could be interesting stuff!


Well, the Chaos Runeblade from the WoC book was forged by Grungni Ironheart, (admittedly not a Dawi Zharr). Maybe he made more? :slight_smile: