[Archive] Legion of Azgorh for Tournaments

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m going to the Fantasy Doubles Tournament in May and hoped I could use the Legion of Azgorh list (even if not that effective at 1,000pts, using Infernal Guard for the most part :stuck_out_tongue: ). I phoned up the events team to enquire and the answer was a no; I then asked about as part of a Warriors of Chaos army - again, no.

However, they did say that due to the number of people requesting it, they are looking into changing this for next year’s tournaments - moral here is that if you want to see Legion of Azgorh in tournaments, get phoning and requesting :wink:


Did they told you why no? I wish not the same lame excuse “nobody knows the list”… :frowning:


I asked the same question for May’s Doubles by email and the response was:

Sorry chap but we are Army Books only for this event. However, keep your eyes pealed for future events when we are hoping to add Warhammer Forge books & lists…


Adam Snook

Warhammer World Events Team

richard barby:

give it some time with any luck it will snowball and the more people who use it/ know it the more events that will use it

from the point of view of a TO they have to make sure everyone enjoys there weekend of gaming and if you have a brand new list that players may not have played before that makes there job hard


A lot of people have an issue as though they are an 8th Edition army, they are not released as a normal book which is easy for many people to see

Most people will buy an army book just to see what the new rules are and to collect. £45 for the forge world one (though its stunning!) is out of some peoples range for “just to own”.

This causes people to be scared of playing against chaos dwarves as they dont know the rules for them.

I am introducing them slowly into the Scottish gaming scene (maybe even to the Edinburgh Grand Tournament)

Now they have been allowed at the ETC and SCGT in the UK, I think you will find them popping up more in the next few months


Warhammer: Vampire Counts =  $69 AUD
"This 96-page full-colour hardback Warhammer Army book…“

Tamurkhan 45.00 GBP = $66.3847 AUD
"In this 208 page, full-colour hardback book…”

Thommy H:

Yeah, okay, no offence to Australian posters, but for whatever reason GW’s prices are screwed up for you guys. You can’t use that anomaly as an argument for anything. It sucks but, for the rest of the world, Tamurkhan is rightly more expensive.


Have to agree. Australia doesnt count towards any price talk as well…you guys got boned


Have to agree. Australia doesnt count towards any price talk as well...you guys got boned



Hey, you think i feel sorry for yall with the end of the stick they $)(;: us with :wink:


Have to agree. Australia doesnt count towards any price talk as well...you guys got boned


On the bright side, It makes Forgeworld affordable, Specially the monsters!


If you are so boned that forgeworld looks affordable then you are really BONED…

In our local tournaments the book is allowed and I really hope that they will allow it in other tournaments as well.


Personally I think the list should be embraced with open arms.

More diversity for the battlefield!

Any other response is quite hypocritical… As each new book release is an “unknown” list too.

And the internet is a marvelous tool for research, lol.


I agree we should keep asking and explaining and it will be accepted eventualy

Hashut’s Blessing:

As I said, they’ve not included it this time (in fact, the rules actually did state Army Book and Tamurkhan states it’s an official list - nowhere does it say it is an Army Book :wink: ).

However, if enough people ask them, they are likely to be adding it for tournaments.


The book was available for 6 months in GW regular stores and was only twice the price of a normal army book (but it did have much more than just an army in it). Never that unusual, never that rare.

I’m just hoping it doesn’t end up in the stupid cycle of “No one plays it, so you can’t use it. Since they can’t use it, no one wants to play it.”


I fail to see how they can print in their own books that it’s an “official” list, then decide it’s not “official” enough to be allowed in their tournaments? I’m really not understanding how it works.

Thommy H:

This is how it works:

There is the main GW studio. These are the guys who write all the rulebooks, Armies books, Codecies, paint all the studio models, publish White Dwarf, maintain the website and do all the other stuff that you associate with Games Workshop.

Then there is Forge World. This is an organisation within GW - like the Black Library - that is essentially autonomous. Forge World is a boutique producer of resin miniatures for collectors and modellers. They started producing scenery for 40K and variants of Imperial tanks under the banner “Imperial Armour”. As a sideline, they produced some rules for these new models. This was done with the main studio’s blessing, but without their input. Many of their concepts eventually migrated over to the main 40K rules, but were almost invariably altered to fit in with the main studio’s direction, to which the FW guys were not necessarily party.

Fast forward, and now FW have made loads of Imperial Armour books, which tend to be lavish, full-colour “coffee table books”. They tend to be written by freelancers or FW staff themselves, and almost all the art is commissioned rather than done in-house as is the case with the main GW studio. FW have discussions with the GW guys, but they don’t know everything that’s coming (presumably because of the risk of leaked information - since a lot of stuff is done freelance, they’re understandably a bit careful) and their rules don’t always reflect the way GW would do things, and they can quite easily get superseded by something new, as is the case with many Imperial Armour units.

Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos is the Warhammer Fantasy equivalent of the Imperial Armour books. It has the blessing of GW, who have advertised it in White Dwarf and on their website, but if they decide to write something that contradicts it, they will. As with Black Library novels, they have no obligation to respect the “canonicity” of something they didn’t have any part in producing. Now, FW putting in the line about it being “official” is all very well, but it’s totally meaningless - the main GW studio doesn’t really recognise that as a concept, because the game is what the game is, and they don’t have much interest in the tournament scene, as a general rule. I expect FW asked them if they could say it, and they probably just shrugged and said, "sure, if you want."

So, when it comes to tournaments, you have to understand that the GW studio - the ones who allowed FW to put in that line - have literally no say in what any tournament decides to allow. That includes the ones organised by GW. The days of Jervis Johnson sitting down and organising the Grand Tournaments are way in the past: it’s too big a scene for the games designers themselves to give any time to it now. They don’t know what any given tournament is doing, and they probably don’t even care. If people want to use the Legion of Azgorh, that’s fine by them, but they have no obligation or interest in passing judgement on it.

If you have an issue with the list being disallowed in a tournament, you need to talk to the organiser of that tournament. Which is what HB is advocating, in fact. Most organisers are willing to be persuaded, because they want as many people joining in as they can.

But please, don’t level this issue at GW. It’s nothing to do with them.


I think it has to do with GW. The mighty dollar drives their business, and FW being a subsidiary thereof, makes it their business. The more people that purchase any of their products makes them money. Including the Tamurkan book. Since they do not support the army any longer, they can still cash in on the ones, like myself, who want CD’s and want to play them. I believe this where and why that “official” blurb was interjected. I do not believe that was just randomly tossed in. It sells books.

You have to deal with these barriers when participating in something that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. The only thing official about the CD’s is that they are not supported. I knew this before I started to get into them and I have three army books that are all current for the CD’s to prove my point, though there are still more available.

My only consternation is having to make up multiple army lists for the different books at different point values. But the minis are cool and they paint up well! I’m just happy that I have enough to field on the table now. :slight_smile:

Again, Thommy H is point on about the tournaments. Talk to the organizer and if you do not like what they have to say, choose a different book and use that list!

Thommy H:

I do not believe that was just randomly tossed in. It sells books.
Except it's a totally throwaway reference at the start of a section in a style that you'd usually expect fluff to be in, and the line doesn't appear anywhere in the advertising at all. Also, we all bought it without knowing it said that, pretty much.

There is no conspiracy theory. It's just a random thing that a guy who doesn't know enough about Warhammer to know that Unbreakable units are already Immune to Psychology put in.

(That's a reference to some of the units in the Chaos Bestiary, btw, which inexplicably have both rules.)