[Archive] Legion of Azgorh wins the WHW Doubles tournament!


Congratulations to Jon Askham and Rob Symes for showing them what the Dawi Zharr can do!

Taken from the Age of Sig Zharr FB page

The lists (2x1k lists)




10 fireglaives

10 fireglaives

3 Bull Centaurs

Magma Cannon


10 Fireglaives

20 Fireglaives

12 K�?Tdaai


The MVPs were the K�?TDaai, Shar�?TTor (who executed 2 Arkhans, one of which was a 1-shot) and the Geminids (that basically won us the event)

Ghrask Dragh:

12 K’daai!! That’s amazing… 48 wounds, up to 60 attacks each doing D3 damage and all with unmodified saves. With demonsmiths also putting ashstorms out there potentially making the attacks against them -1 to hit AND the geminids doing the same. That on its own seems like a pain in the ass to deal with and then you’ve also got Shar’tor, Magma Cannons, Taur’ruks and Fireglaves.

Great show for us