[Archive] Lets play (chaos) dwarf fortress


so i’ve decided im gonna start a lets play thread.

for starters we’re gonna need 7 dwarfs.

1 miner



1 mason

1farmer/brewer “jolpis the swedish brewmaster”

so we have 2 slots open, we could go with a hunter and a cook

or another miner to increase expand rate

the dwarfs can be renamed so if you want a dwarf just say so :), and if theres no dwarfs left or theres not a fitting proffesion i’ll sign you up for the next wave of migrants

anyone know a good way of taking screenshots?


heres a short description from the famed(infamed) lets play boatmurderd

What kind of game is Dwarf fortress?

In a nutshell, Dwarf Fortress is best described as a 2-D base building game. The concept is simple, the graphics are simple; but the depth of the game is fairly awesome. (Even more amazing when you realize it is all the product of a single man gaming company.)

The dwarves you “control” are somewhat autonomous. They have likes, dislikes, and needs. While you can assign them specific duties and set basic orders, they have minds of their own and will act according to how they feel. You can give them a job, but that doesn’t always mean they’ll do it right away. Injuries to all animals and dwarves are tracked, down to internal organs and body parts. Dwarves have moods that are affected by the things around them. They can decide to throw a party for their friends, or they might stress out under strain and suddenly kill each other with little to no warning. Female dwarves occasionally get pregnant and, if they are exposed to trauma (say a goblin siege); they very well might miscarry. Sad thoughts caused by things of that nature can lead dwarves to tantrums or even suicide.

You begin with 7 dwarves and scarce few supplies at the face of a mountain. Your only objective is to survive the elements while building yourself as cool a fortress as you possibly can before you inevitably die. Simple enough, yes?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Is there a link to this game?

As for taking screen shots, press the “Print Screen” button. If it is in a white box/is written in blue, press FN (also likely to be in a white box or written in blue), then go to paint and press ctrl+v (or right click and select paste).


http://dwarffortresswiki.net/index.php/Main_Page ← here’s the wikipedia containing anything you might possibly want to know

Bay 12 Games: Dwarf Fortress ← here’s the offical site

http://mayday.w.staszic.waw.pl/df.php ← and here’s the tileset i’ll be using (graphics)

oh and thanks for the print screen tips, it worked fine

Hashut’s Blessing:

Seems very confusing. I’ve not spent long looking at it, but I;ve had a long day and it’s only to get longer. I’ll have another look when it’s easier for me :wink:

Glad it helped :smiley:


sound like a fun game to take up loads of (spare) time. i’m interested.


so no one wants to sign up?, well then ill sign up for a dwarf of my own then :stuck_out_tongue:

jolpis the swedish brewmaster. farmer/brewer

Hashut’s Blessing:

jolpis: you seem to have missed Bolg’s post because you posted about the same time, lol :smiley: He seems to want to sign up…


oh, sorry i just checked in on the post, what kind of dwarf do you want?

this is just gonna be sort of rp thingy with me playing and you telling me what to do, and afterwards when everyone got a chance to see what Dwarf fortress is and if you like it we might start a succession game(one year in game time and then you pass the save to the next player)


Oh sure, now you’re all interested - where were you all two years ago?

DF is a very good game, but it has a brutal learning curve. IMO, it was most fun before they added the 3D elements, but its still a good laugh and a very challenging game.

If you play it and enjoy it, make sure you donate to Bay 12 games. Its worth it besides the continuation of the game, as you’ll get your own unique ASCII art and story from the creators. They do an awesome job and are very talented developers.


im gonna go ahead and jumpstart this to se if anyone gets intrested :stuck_out_tongue:

this is the location i chose, the Local map is the map we’ll be using the other maps being a zoom out of that location. the mountains are purple becuase the are somewhat evil and i think this is an avrage site

we dont have any lava though :frowning:

heres the start message

and heres the vagon we arrived in!, in wood yuck!, what kind of chaos dwarf uses wood? :stuck_out_tongue:

you gotta start small :stuck_out_tongue:


Time for an update :), i was just think “its to still” and then i realiesed why!, the hunter has killed everything. with his bare hands he took down 3 elephants, 1 giant jaguar and 2 warthogs!

here he is, out huntin’ warthogs

oh and this is the fortress so far, pretty cool huh?


Your tileset is very confusing to me, who was weaned on the plain ASCII art set.

I don’t think I’ve ever had my dwarves kill an elephant. I think cougars are the biggest prey they’ve done and it wasn’t easy.


TRADGEDY!, the hunter took on a somewhat big prey!, a skeletal giant eagle… and got his arm bitten of. and then he ran into a skeletal goat wich instantly joined in, wich headbutted him in the face, making him lose both eyes, and then ultimatly after a gory fight, he bleeds to death.

the only friend sarvesh(the hunter) had, the butcher. is now very depressed

oh and GRNDL, tell me if theres something you dont understand, i am using this tileset becuase i couldent handle the old one.


Migrants have arrived!, and what a bunch!

this is all the dwarfs in the current fortress + some horses and dogs


i assigned the bowyer as a new hunter… he’s now resting from a serious concussion


I tried this games, but the ACII artset sucked compared to what you had there and frankly-- I couldn’t figure out how to play at all. :frowning:

Plus, I’m not as much of a fan of Dwarfs as you might expect from me being a frequent and active member (even one of the first members) of this site. Now, if you had a Goblin Fortress I might stick with it long enough to figure the system out. :stuck_out_tongue:


if you had a Goblin Fortress I might stick with it long enough to figure the system out. :P

and there' a mod for that :P, right over here http://dwarffortresswiki.net/index.php/List_of_mods#Goblin_Mod

oh and just to make things clear, should i continue this?, beacuse i dont see much intrest TBH


@ jolpis.

Jup I was interested, But I need to some time management the coming weeks, got a few jobs and still need to paint more models. next time.

Game still sounds interesting.


Jolpis… Get StoneSense it helps people understand what the hell is going on lol… BTW… I just catsploded. in my 45 year old fort… Also anyone really interested in the game should search for the Epic Tale of the Lost Fortress known as…Boatmurdered!

OT: The Fort doesnt look too bad so far… You should definately have a larger store area for the Carpenter and your Mason… Saves alot of time and you need more traps…I would also go down 2 or 3 z near that river and dig out a large space… 20x30 or so then make a tunnel with a floodgate to the river flood the area (make sure to make a small tunnel and door between the stairs and the space. Floods in the mines are bad! once its flooded good and plenty throw the switch and let it dry then set it up as your new farm… great for making a self sufficient Fort. You could also pump it in as well which is safer but more complicated to setup. Another Recomendation… make a flood room… (I.E. a simple room with a lockable door and a bed… have a pump setup to either pump water or magma into the room. and when you get a pissy noble you can assign him the room as a bed room and when he sleeps flood it. Beware of Cascading Tantrum Death though.


re: have a pump setup to either pump water or magma into the room

Hehheheh, you had best be confident in your design skills before doing that bit, especially with the magma. :slight_smile:

But Servius is right - anyone interested in DF, or those interested but can’t handle playing, should read Boatmurdered. Its far more epic than any Civilization game - GUARANTEED!!