[Archive] Light Sourcing Effects


Well I think thats what its called I’m looking for information or a tutorial on light sourcing.

I want to know what technique the bloke from Blue Table Painting used on his Chaos Dwarf army.

Thanks in advance:cheers


Check out Lewis Clarke’s Ogre Maneater army here.

Pretty cool effect isn’t it? I would love to see pics of the CD army you mentioned by the way, have you got a link?


The technique is usually called Object Sourced Lightning or OSL for short. Should be a fair few tutorials to be found with google.


Excellent thanks lads, OSL is what I’m after.


So after watching a couple of the tutorials on youtube I now have a better understanding of the technique.

Question…is this the same effect the Blue Table Painting bloke used on his chaos dwarf army.


You’ll have to show us a picture…

Although if there’s something painted to look like there’s light coming from an object, then that’s what we call OSL.

OSL simply means…, well, pretty much what I just said: paint something in a way to make the viewer think there’s a glowing object or a light source. How you go about achieving this trick of the eye is a second matter. You can use glazes or highlighting or drybrushing or whathaveyou in order to create the effect. The exact recipe that someone used is probably difficult to tell from a picture.


Thanks for the reply

I have no pics his army is on youtube but it must be same effects as OSL just done differently.