[Archive] Like this must to be the true Bull Centaurs



BULL CENTAURS …26 Points per model


                   M    WS   BS   S   T   W   I   A   Ld

Bull Centaur   8     5*    3    4    4   1   3   2    9

Equipment: Hand weapon, Great axe, heavy armour and shield*.

May swap Great axe for additional hand weapon for free.

(Champions, Musicians & Standard Bearers in “Ravening Hordes - Chaos Dwarfs”)

Special Rules: Bull Centaurs have a Unit Strength of 2 per model. The Bull Centaurs be Immune to the demoralization*. “Brutal Charge”.

“Brutal Charge”: The Bull Centaurs every time that charge against one unit enemy, to obtain +2 to the S.

= The news change.

That your think to yourselves ? :hat off

Thommy H:

Is that Immune to Psychology or Panic? Also, I would think that new Bull Centaur rules would clarify the issue of whether they count as cavalry or not.


Is that Immune to Psychology or Panic?

Thommy H
Better Immune to Demoralization, the Bull Centaurs more hards.

Thommy H:

No, I’m asking what that is. Obviously there’s a translation issue here - what is “Immune to Demoralization”? It’s called something different in the English rules, but I don’t know if it’s Psychology, Panic or what.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Are these “official” new rules, or just a suggestion?

Thommy H:

I’m certain they’re just a suggestion. Not everything is official, Tarrakk :wink:


No, I'm asking what that is. Obviously there's a translation issue here - what is "Immune to Demoralization"? It's called something different in the English rules, but I don't know if it's Psychology, Panic or what.

Thommy H
Well... Immune to Demoralization = Special rules of the Troll Slayers dwarfs.

And only is one suggestion.

Thommy H:

Unbreakable? Yikes. I think 26 points would be too cheap, and Unbreakable is probably not appropriate - as tough as Bull Centaurs are supposed to be, Unbreakable is usually reserved for complete lunatics (Flaggelants, Slayers) or creatures that are completely beyond notions of self-preservation (Chaos Spawn, swarms). Bull Centaurs may be elite, but I don’t think Unbreakable fits.


I could see a rule similar to the Icon of Magnus: Fear does nothing, Terror causes Fear. Without causing fear themselves. Seeing as they are some sweet and nasty mutated Dwarfs, who live in a barren land scape I wouldn’t say they are totally Immune to Psych, but a bit harder to spook.

Would that be a cool idea?

Thommy H:

I’d have Bull Centaurs cause Fear, actually. Everything causes Fear these days - if Dryads do, I don’t see the problem with letting BC do it too.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Not everything is official, Tarrakk
It HAS to be...or else someone gets a spanking! :D


Looks a bit too strong for only 26 points…

Try putting this up against some other cavarly units and see how it stacks up. I think this is signfigantly stronger than Knights of the White Wolf and they cost 26, I believe.


@Tarrak: I hope that when you say someone you mean me and that when you say spanking you mean fried spawn.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! I also hope that when you said HAS i hope you mean Hyper Awesome Spaceship.


Where is this Thread ?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Laughing at Filipicusius!