[Archive] Litchmyre Dungeon now live on Kickstarter


Zealot miniatures has launched their latest Kickstarter with sculptor Boris Woloszyn - Litchmyre Dungeon.

While not directly stated, it�?Ts clear this is a re-imagining of the HeroQuest miniatures, right down to the exact model count in their gamer-level pledge.

It reached its goal very quickly and Zealot Miniatures have successfully run two previous KS campaigns, although by all accounts this one is going to be their most successful yet. Zealot Miniatures also has some very nice models and dungeon furniture in their online story as well.



Oh, those are some sweet models! :slight_smile:


Down to the final 8 days. The campaign has been a big success so far for classic old-style miniatures (not the over-detailed ADHD-fuelled miniatures GW turns out these days).

I’m planning on getting a few of these as I’m already imagining conversions!

They’re already at ~510% of their goal and there’s still lots of stretch goals coming.

Odd as it sounds… I think I’m most looking forward to having a couple of Orc Poopsmiths to work the dungeons by using their weapon swap-outs.

All-told I’m in for about £700 right now… part of the “problem” is that I’m a big fan of the sculptor - Boris Woloszyn, sometimes credited as  Boris Szuster. I have a decent number of other models of his from various Kickstarters and seeing as both my girls have been playing HeroQuest lately I figured it was time to invest in a ravamp and spend some hobby time making a 3D board and some custom Quests :wink:

… Oh, and I won their contest to name one of the 4 Ogre characters :hat off

No Chaos Dwarfs, sadly, even though Skulmar did have one as a glorified servant.  Maybe I’ll have to get an extra Dwarf Hero and make a conversion for CDO :wink: