[Archive] LIVE game! Chaos Dwarfs + Nurgle Demons vs Dark Elves and Warriors of Chaos



This will be a live game. Going down tonight!

2 armies vs 2 armies.

I’ll be running the Chaos Dwarfs and Nurgle Demons…

My opponents will be (mostly) Slaanesh WoC and Dark Elves.

Check out the feed on Rites.

Feel free to comment away too.


Might be helpful to note the time…


Last night’s live feed game started around 9 pm and ended around 2 am Eastern Daylight time. I’m hoping for a slightly earlier start because tonights game is BIGGER.


hey you won! congratulaitons!

to bad all the blorcs died.

Border Reiver:

Don’t worry, they were only slaves…


You guys should hit The Match that is going on as I type this.

Kera foehunter:

well how it go !!

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Swiss won with his Chaos Dwarf/Nurgle Daemons army. Game ended around 3am EDT, I wish they would start these games earlier.


Next one will start earlier. Trust me.


Seriously away too late for me to follow; conversly those on the other side of the pond could have watched when they woke up.

Kera foehunter:

well congrades on you win swiss!! * hug * lol im still in my pj thow!!