[Archive] Lizardmen Maneaters?


Well, there was a competition at my local GW, to celebrate the 25th annerversairy where you hadto make a shield, and i won! :smiley:

The prize was a regiment set of my choosing, so i got the ogre bulls, thinking i could have a chance to let my imagination go wild :wink:

I thought, because i mainly collect lizardmen, i could do a maneater, but based on lizardmen

Im not sure if they can take maneaters, but if not, ill do a unit of three and count them as kroxigor :wink:

Any ideas?


Um… Lizardmen style shields and weapons are a must. Add some scaly clothing such as cloaks/vests to represent cold one skins or something that they wear as armour. A stegadon skull helmet would look cool, as would a couple of glyphs again as armour. Warpaint to represent sacred spawnings? Best way to go about it is to think “if I were an ogre with an IQ of 40 and I was trying to dress up as a lizardman what would I do?” then take your inspiration from that. That’s waht I’m doing to design my “Chaosy” Maneaters


Have a look through this thread, should give you plenty of inspiration:


Kera foehunter:

great shield  did you have to fight to the death to get a prise ( well you know gw with free stuff)

maybe use you ogre as dow for the lizzard men


cool shield i especially like the piercings on it. what is it made out of?

as for the regiment, knowing your skills i would convert them into big fat kroxigor. give hem lizardy heads and tails, a few scales and spines all over the body, make the clothing more ‘aztec’ and give them big scale shields or those square glyph-covered axes.


make an ogre in a toy lizard costume, with a big weapon. come on, you know you want too. I’ll be funny


Warplock’s army is too cool to be funny. That link is awesome, I’d do something along those lines, but with great weapons like you did for your Kroxigor