[Archive] LM army for Sale or Trade


Greetings all i have the following army for -

Slann x 1 (Painted)

Old Blood x 1

Skink Priest x 2 (1 Painted)

Terradon NIB x 1

Terradon x 1 (Painted)

Kroxigor NIB x 1

Saurus (Spears) x 5 (Painted)

Saurus (HW+S) x 26 (10 Painted)

Saurus Cavalry x 8 (1 Painted)

Temple Guard x 10

OOP Saurus (HW+S) x 20

Skinks x 36 (15 Painted)

OOP Skinks (bows) x 32

I would want to sell it as a whole ideally or swap for dwarfs

Thank you for reading