[Archive] LoA 2500 points - Hashut's happy hour

Singleton Mosby:

Played a first game in a local league today against Beastman. As there were so many Bretonnian players already I will be fielding my, mostly unpainted, CD army. Haven’t played more then a handful of games and never played against Beastman anyways so it would be interesting.

I brought to the field:

Lvl 4 with Chalice
Lvl 1 with scroll

22 Infernal Guards with Blunderbusses
19 Infernal Guards with Fireglaives
21 Hobo’s with bows + shields

4 Bull Centaurs witt Great Weapons
Death Shrieker
Magma Cannon

K’Daai Destroyer
Dreadquake mortar.

He had something like:

2 x lvl 2
Massive Minotaur general
8 minotaurs
25 bestigors
9 centigors
unit of ungors and gors
2x Razorgor


I did know next to nothing about Beastmen, someone told me to watch out for Minotaurs and there they were 9 of them in front of me. Another target for me were the quick Centigors and big Ghorgon.

Everything was almost decided in the first turn before my opponent could even move.
I got the first turn and it went like magic (and the magic went…).
Cast Final Transmutation on his unit of 8 minotaurs and transformed five of them into gold. Ok, I had a miscast and my lvl 4 lost 3 levels and so was next to useless for the remainder of the game. So no Glittering Robe anymore.
Shooting went like a dream. I killed 7 of the Centigors with the Magma cannon and the remainder ran off the table. Next I scored a hit on the bestigors and killed 10. Gors also got a hit and suffered a dozen casualties.

He moved towards me and got some more in the second turn.
Long story short. Only his Razorgors got into combat and were killed by my dwarves and his three remaining minotaurs + big bloody bastard minotaur got into combat. First with the Hobo’s who managed to hold after losing 19 out of 21 men (double 1). Next on their list was the already wounded Destroyer. Then they moved into the blunderbuss dwarves who were unable to stand and shoot and slowly killed them whilst suffering 15 casualties out of 22.
The Ghorgon had charged that unit on the third turn but was killed due to shooting when I got off 63 shots :hat off

Was a grand battle for me and not so much for my opponent. I learned to respect Minotaurs and the power of my own artillery.

The Charioteer:

Man that Beast list is very strange, not the norm at all, but I am happy a :hat won!