[Archive] LoA 2500pts


greetings, fellow Overseers!  I recently received a levy of Legion of Azgorh troops, and yesterday played two games (against Dark Elves and then High Elves, both victories, huzzah!) for a league at my FLGS with this list.  was curious about some feedback.

Lord: Sorcerer-Prophet: level 4 (Hashut), Darkforged Weapon, Stone Mantle, Trickster’s Helm, earthing rod, blood of hashut.

Heroes: Daemonsmith: level 2 (metal), dispel scroll
           Daemonsmith: level 2 (metal)
           Castellan: BSB, Mask of the Furnace, great weapon

Core: Infernal Guard x30: Full Command, war banner
        Infernal Guard x20: fireglaives, full command

Special: Magma Cannon: hellbound
            Deathshrieker: hellbound
            Deathshrieker: hellbound

Rare: K’daai Destroyer

my tactics were to sit back with the BSB and the Sorcerer-Prophert in the 30 man infernal guard unit, the two daemonsmith’s babysitting the war machines and buffing the IG units with metal spells, and the K’daai romping around a flank while I bombarded units on the way in with war machines.  both IG units proved very sticky in combat (though my Lord blew himself up with miscasts in both games, getting gobbled by the Warp, in the second game (against the high elves it happened on turn 1 x.x ).

my thoughts on adding/swapping stuff were to get rid of hellbound on my machines to add in some gobbos, maybe play around with ditching the magma cannon and a daemonsmith and taking some bull centaurs.

thoughts/advice would be welcome, thanks!

EDIT: things to point out, the earthing rod is something I added after the fact, given the poor lord’s untimely demise from miscasting during the two games.