[Archive] LoA 3000pts(1)


Hey guys,

just wanted to roll this list by you.
My opponent will probably be (the new) chaos, and I wanted to hear your thoughts.

Sorc.Prophet lvl.4 with mask of the furnace and earthing rod (goes with unit 2)
Deamon Smith lvl.1 with dispell scroll (goes with warmachines)
Castellan with black hammer of Hashut, shield and talisman of endurance (goes with unit 1)
Castellan BSB with enchanted shield and talisman of preservation (goes with unit 2)
Tau’Ruk with shield, crown of command and gold sigil sword (goes with BC)

Unit 1: 27x infernal guard with great weapon, full command and war banner
Unit 2: 26x infernal guard with great weapon, full command and razor standard
7x Bull centaurs with full command, great weapon and standard of discipline

magma cannon
death shrieker
K’Daai Destroyer

This leaves me 14pts to spare.
Any ideas how I could spend them? Your thoughts are all welcome.


Ugly Green Trog:

Hmm I dunno some kind of additional protection for the demonsmith? Make him a little more survivable like the charmed shield or similar?


Since the 'smith will be in the back with my warmachines, I don’t know if that’ll be worth the points. I could however drop the Gold Sigil Sword on the tau’ruk and try squeezing in the ogre blade or something similar… but I’ll have to check how big his allowance for magic items is. But then again, I’ll be stuck with lower initiative again.

Offcourse, if I get stuck playing empire or something similar, I’ll forego the GWs on the centaurs at least, freeing up enough points to give the 'smith that extra level of protection.

But you see no problems with the list as a whole?