[Archive] LoA Iron Daemon to-hit roll



This is my first post on CDO :cheers and I couldn’t find anywhere else to post a rules query, so I hope this place will do.

About the Iron Daemon from LoA, it was FAQd by Forge World that its cannonade doesn’t suffer -1 to its hit rolls from moving and shooting. But what other modifiers can it escape? The profile doesn’t mention anything about multiple shots, so there’s no negative from that, right?

Am I right in thinking that the only negative modifier it’ll (usually) get is from firing at something over half range away? Cover and such should still apply of course.

Thanks in advance. :hat off


You are right.

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It doesn’t have the Multiple Shots rule, so it doesn’t suffer a penalty there. The only penalties it’ll usually run into are long range, cover, and skirmishers.


All right, thanks for the clarity. I don’t think I’ve fired a weapon with ballistic skill for a good number of years now. As I was going through all manner of threads and FAQs trying to find the answer on my own I figured it’d be best to go right to the source of knowledge. :hat off

I really like that smilie, by the way. :slight_smile: