[Archive] LOA take Two



Lvl 4 Metal

Talisman of Preservation

Charmed Shield

Chalice of Blood and Darkness

Great Tarus

Total: 545


Mask of the Furnace


Total: 197

Daemon Smith

Lvl 1 Fire

Dispel Scroll

Total: 120

Bull Centaur Taruk 230

Blackshard Armor

Dragon Helm

Crown of Command

Great Weapon

31 Infernal Guard 512

Full Command

Great Weapons

Banner of Swiftness

20 Hob Goblins 114




3 Bull Centaurs Renders 145



Iron Daemon 310


K�?Tdaii Destroyer xxx



although i like the fact that your approach is inovative with no machines, im concerned because you do not have redirectors.

you might wanna add some khans


I think you do not need a Daemonsmith if you have not machines (points for wolfriders or similar).

Anyway, I like to seeing armys without machines :). I wait for your battle reports with this force.


I thought you needed Mr.Smith to get Kdaii?


It turns out tha the Sorc-Proph has the Daemonsmith special rule, and most people interpret it as fulfilling the requirement for the K’daii.


I like it. I’d drop the daemonsmith, the sorcerer has the daemonsmith rules allowing you to take a k’daai. This means you can take a bale taurus instead of the great taurus.

I’d also drop the GW from the infernal guard and the shields from the hobbos. Should give you enough points for anther hobbo unit.

GW are better on bull centaurs than shields - they don’t have many attacks (for their size and cost) and you want them to wound if they do hit. T5 and a 3+ save is good enough for them to survive long enough.

Also look at you taar’uk - you could lose the blackshard armour and still have a 2+ save.


Having a 1+ on the Tauruk means I can solo him into units of S3-4 and hold them all game.

The renders are just a delivery system for him.

As for what I am going pick up now that I am dropping the Smith I think I am going to flesh out the IG to 40 strong.