[Archive] LOA - The 'One' List to bring them all and in the darkness bind them


Hmm, i see Tamurkhan as a replacement for RH, but also not representative of all Chaos Dwarf armies.

Aside point, but i’m fully in support of their being no Black Orcs in Chaos Dwarf armies. I mean they led the rebellion, why would the Chaos Dwarfs march to war with them as part of their army (not even slaves really). Never made much sense to me.

"I look at this as being no different than what many players have experienced when a new book comes out for their favorite army. Sometimes, units are eliminated from the previous list"

Indeed, for a more extreme example of this, just look at the former Beasts of Chaos players who lost access to trolls/dragon ogres etc with the move to Beastmen.