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As many of you know i am going to games day this year an i am entering a big hat in to golden daemon see my thread here http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=5030 . I plan to have a running up date through out the day on what i see, i will post photos from my iphone if i can of any cool new models, i will be taking plenty so if cant upload on the day i will on the Monday after, i was planning on wearing a home made big hat, this might not be happing now as i have had it on for 10 mins and i have gotten a head ache, no wonder cd are always so angry :slight_smile:


No big hat? :open_mouth: How are we supposed to recognise you? :stuck_out_tongue:

- Warpy


I will be the one on stage getting the slayer sword :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

I shall be wearing a big hat of some description, gents.


Good luck at the big hat convention :smiley:

I’ll follow your report closely :wink:


Good morning every one , it’s about 3:15 am here at the mo and I am just about to leave on my trip to Canterbury to get on the gamesday coach from the gw store , my god its to early :sick


Am now on our way to gamesday :slight_smile: I also have the big hat with me so if you see it moving through mass of people come and say hi


Getting close to gamesday now here is a pic of me with the big hat on :hat


not sure if the photo will work as am posting from my iPhone so sorry if it does not


I hope you will have a lot of fun!

It would be very, very cool if you can win the GD!!!

Perhaps you can hear “good” news! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Have just entered my big hat in to golden daemon , fingers crossed :slight_smile: once again gamesday is even bigger than the years before , there looks to be loads of amazing things to see , don’t worry I will take plenty of pictures :slight_smile:


Sorry to report that I did not get in to the final :frowning: neither did Warplock with his duel but can happy report that grimstone fire did get in the final with his big nurgle guy really think he is in with a chance at placing :slight_smile:

With being unable to place in golden daemon I gave mabe my self happy by buying loads of space wolves :smiley:

I am happy that loads of people are taking photos of the big hat :hat


Sweet keep us updated.


Gamesday is coming to an end now , all the golden daemons are being collected and people are taking their seats for the presentation which should be starting soon , I don’t belive grimstone fire made it in to the final 3 as his model was gone when I went to check on the winners but it could just have been taken for photos to be taken , I will update once the awards have been given out


Gamesday is at an end :frowning: I am sorry to say that grimstone fire did not get in to the top 3 for his awesome nurgle greater deamon , but still to get in to the final is no small feat , now I am on the long trip home should be home at 10:00 so a lovely 20 hour day but I would do it all over again :slight_smile:


Sounds great Loki, did you take any photos? :slight_smile:


Yeah had the same experience with Gamesday Canada, I was going to stay over then just decided to make the drive back home.


We waiting for photos Loki!


No trophies for me this year I’m afraid. :frowning: I will do a round up of my experiences at some point.

I spotted your entry there Loki. :cheers


Sorry to hear that - Grim! - but I’m still looking so much forward seeing that awesome sculpt painted. So please bring us pictures very soon.

So how was Games Day overall. I’ve been looking for pictures of new Skavens - but can only find a Tyranid cover and some FW stuff. Wasn’t there any previews?


Nope. AFAIK there was nothing ‘new’ there at all that had not been seen previously (including the FW things that they put in their newsletter), certainly no real previews.

I need to re attach the banner I made, it was poorly joined so I pulled it off it fit it in my box afterwards. Better that than have it snap or bend. My other entry didn’t get a finalists pin.

I will take some decent pictures of both in proper light in the coming days.