[Archive] Loki's Games days pics of Warhammer Forge and Chaos Dwarfs


Well what a day yesterday was i have not downladed all 200 photos that i took and i thought i would start getting them up on the site for you to see so enjoy :smiley:

Here are the warmachines which i am sure you have all seen now for the concept art :slight_smile:


concept art here we come, please try not to dribble to much :stuck_out_tongue:

now not CD but this is cool


Will these new Hobgoblins appear in Warhammer Forge’s near book that would exist for the Chaos Dwarfs ?


As far as i know yes they will, here are some more pics of the models

more concept art to come in a sec


Very interesting - like the eastern look of the hobgoblins - and the wolf look much better then the current one. Great stuff, Loki - once again thank you so much for bringing this back home to us :hat off


The interesting thing is they are going more with the Khan look for the hobbos; at least for the concept art.



My brain just got over-stimulated


Totally my pleasure mate :smiley: here are some more pics

and some more models


Hey, what was that?? WF stole Baggronor’s designs??

Think, WF has been looking over our shoulders - Sue them :smiley:


more art and pics


have saved the best art for last :smiley:

if any one wants to see more pics from gamesday just let me know and i will post them up


Great pictures, many thanks Loki! You deserve a medal for this. :smiley:


Hey, what was that?? WF stole Baggronor's designs??
Think, WF has been looking over our shoulders - Sue them
Heh, they wouldn't be the first. If I have had any impact on them, (however unlikely it may be) then I consider it mission accomplished :cheers

Awesome pics Loki, cheers for that! Looks like we can expect BCs...

Pyro Stick:

You can see on the front of the train that they have kept some of the old iconography.

Thanks for all the new pics. Everything looks really impressive. Cant wait to see more wips. Hopefully the bc's wont be as top heavy as they are in the concept art.


Great to see Chaos Dwarfs, not to see Mark Bedford doing them.


I am rather happy now that I did not sell my Khan Hobgoblin wolfriders. I have 12 of them and was getting tempted by e-bay prices


Wow - much say the coloured BC, hobgoblin and Taurus (I guess it’s supposed to be) - looks very impressive. Though, I would have hoped for something ‘new’.

Really, really impressive coverage of GD '10. And I can only second, that there should definitely have been a medal for bring so much news to us.

As far as I know, Mark only did the Machines not the dwarfs themselves. There has been a lot of 3th party sculptors into this project (so far).

You can see on the front of the train that they have kept some of the old iconography.

Pyro Stick
They have kept lots of the old icons - but the false Rune of Hashut is gone - hurrah :smiley:


Yeah, I heard. Mostly trainee sculptors.


Fantastic work Loki :cheers, we all really appreciate your efforts! As a token of my thanks, here are all my slaves bar one. (His name is Hoju :D)


That Bull Centaur seems to have throwing axes.

Very cool hobgoblins. Taurus looks cool as well. Can’t wait for the WF books.