[Archive] Long time no post


I lost track of my chaos dwarf project for months due to problems but now I am back with aton of stuff to show all of you! :cheers

Sad thing is most of it is Vampire Counts\Plague Army for 40k. However today I am beginning my Hob Goblin conversions. How ever I am in trouble of finding wolf rider legs minus a good friend of mine has 10 he says so that atlest will begin my unit. But I wish to have around 50 hob goblins.

Any suggestions minus internet e-bay. (lost lots of money for using that place)


You could always attempt to cast your own from the ones you already have in lie of not using vultureBay.

In any event welcome back.


I will give it a ago with some green stuff molds I am going to have to be making here soon here anyway,

Very great tip! :hat off


I have been thinking if I should be making my units of mask, helm, or big hat.

What do you think Willmark?

Maybe do all three?

Or would that confuse up how they are set up?