[Archive] Looking for 3 Hobgoblin Champions


Specifically, 3 of these particular models. This is the best I can do for a picture.

I am looking for the one with the axe raised over his head. I need 3 of these in particular. Willing to pay money through Paypal, don’t have much else that I can do with. :frowning:

Let me know. Not expecting much but would be happy if something could be found and worked out for cost.



i have two of them


One on ebay with a small random group of hobbos search Ebay.co.uk under hobgoblins all mib i have bid 3.33 but dont really need them:hat


I get paid in a couple of days. (issues with the holiday of Labor Day) If you guys have them/are sure you want to sell them, PM me and we’ll work something out. Your choice. I can paypal ya, send ya money orders…whatever works. ~Shrugs~


Got paid, if either of you are interested in selling that specific hobgoblin champion to me, I’m still interested. Please PM me and we can work something out for payment and shipping etc.