[Archive] Looking for BB- trade or cash


I am looking for blunderbussiers! 18 to be exact, and three BC bull bodys. I have the following:

a full box of Ogla Khans wolfriders (mostly unassembled, minus one wolf tail)

1 Ghazak Khan (no wolf)

4 sneaky gitz

a wizard on a lammasu

2 hobgoblin champions on wolf (1 with no fur cape)

5 hobgoblins with axe on foot

1 earthshaker and the shell that goes with it, but no crew

I know that GW stills sell the bits I need but I would rather see if anyone has any for trade first. I would like to help someone get some stuff they need that I don’t. ( I like sticken’ it to the man too :cheers). let me know if interested.


i just got 21 bbusses in for my shop. id probably sell you 18 , same price as gw