[Archive] Looking for big hats


Trying to complete my 5th ed. army, and hopping CDO can help me out.



9 5th ed warriors

10 blunderbusses (prefer the ones with the blunderbuss slung over shoulder)

10 hobgoblin warriors

10 sneaky gits




lord on taurus

sorcerer on lamasu

hero leaning on axe

3 bull centaurs

earth shaker

old school cd whirlwind- missing one scythe bit

mm90 mage- missing base tab

one of most mm90 chaos dwarfs, i think the only ones i don’t have extras of is the one with the berserker helmet, and ball and chain guy.

chaos dwarf renegades, i have most of these as well.

bazooka teams

swivel gun teams

mortar teams

I also have a huge skaven army NIB, a dark elf army, mostly NIB, and a drop pod based SM army, pods NIB that I’d be willing to split up for the needed chaos dwarf stuff.

If anyone is interested and would like more specific info, PM me here or email me at: cricketofdeth@yahoo.com.