[Archive] Looking for Chaos dwarf casts


Hi i would love to buy some chaos dwarf casts. Post a picture please of the casts and the price then i will pm you if i want some!!

Thommy H:

Are you trying to get people to sell recasts?


yes =)

Thommy H:

You’re aware that that would be illegal and, if anyone agreed, potentially get this website shut down?


Although it would be fine if the casts were of completely original sculpts rather than a GW copyright.

Thommy H:

That’s why I specified “recasts” when I asked. If that’s what he’s asking for then…well…it’s not cool.


“Chaos Dwarfs” are copyright property of Games Workshop.  Asking for casts of ‘chaos dwarfs’ means you are asking for recasts of GW property.  We cannot allow discussion of this on CDO for legal reasons.

If you are looking for casts of original models made by people here (not including GW parts) which would happen to be suitable for use as CD, or indeed links to places where non “Chaos Dwarf” models are being sold you’d be better to ask those specifically.

See forum rule here

Thread Locked.