[Archive] Looking for chaos dwarfs (isn't everyone)


I am looking for the dwarven masters of chaos. I mainly need troops so anyone out there with warriors or blunderbusses, let me know. I do not have Donald Trumps bank account though so please keep that in mind. I don’t mind paying for quality models, but unlike eBay I won’t pay $40 USD for 5 plastic warriors.

Anyway, anyone out there that has any they want to part with, post me what you have and what you are wanting in $$$.

p.s. Models must be unpainted. assembled is fine ( most are single piece models anyway ) as long as it is neat but not paint please.


you can get alot of good deals with painted figures and with Simple green its easy to clean up even plastic figures. I understand where you are comming from there!


I have 6 blunderbus CD’s

6 bow and arrow hobs

1 CD musician

1 CD standard bearer wealding an axe

11 2nd ed chaos dwarfs of various design

1 3rd ed CD warrior with sword

PM me with a offer/ what you want of this and I will be putting up a pick of the 2nd ed ones once the lights better where I am :slight_smile: