[Archive] Looking for feedback on a 2500 pt army list

Fuggit Khan:

Greetings :hat off

This weekend I will play a 2500 pt army against some rather seasoned WFB veterans. The Tamurkhan list is new to them, in that they know of it but have never played against a Forgeworld CD army (Ravening Hordes list yes, but not the Tamurkahn LoA). They seem somewhat skeptical, but open, to the FW Chaos Dwarf list…stating that the FW 40K lists are heavily slanted and unbalanced (a common complaint in many forums). So I would like to play an army that will give them a challenge, but at the same time not put them off by being ‘unbalanced’ or too much overkill.

I’m thinking of the following:

Sorceror Prophet LV3 (Hashut) w/Dispel Scroll and Mask of Furnace

Daemonsmith LV1 (Metal)

Infernal Castellian BSB w/Banner Eternal Flame and Sword of Swiftslaying

40 infernal Guard w/Musician/Standard Bearer - All with Blunderbuss

2 Iron Daemons (Hellbound)

1 Magma Cannon (Hellbound)

1 K’Daai Destroyer

Total should be 2482 pts…probably throw in a cheap shield for the Daemonsmith.

So…opinions? I personally think it’s an average list, not too mean or unfair. But that’s just my (biased?) opinion obviously and would appreciate constructive feedback to tone down (or up) the list with the general idea of it being acceptable (and still a challenge) to other WFB players who are skeptical of FW lists.



Except if your opponent have Purple sun or Pit of shades, this is a damn mean list haha. 2 Iron daemon + 1 K’daai destroyer is an abomination hahahha.

Do you think you’ll have fun playing that? Few very strong units is type of play I don’t really appreciate to play but you know it for yourself :wink:

You could let the Banner of eternal flame on your Infernal guard Standard Bearer, that way if your Castellan is slain you’ll still have flaming attacks on that monstrous block of Stand and shoot madness. :hat off

Fuggit Khan:

Hmmm…all good points, thanks for the feedback. Personally I don’t think of this list as a fun army for myself to lead, but rather I was looking for a challenge for veteran opponents (one of them is an Empire guy who always takes 2 Steam Tanks)…I’m more concerned that they would have fun against this list. But you’re probably right that it’s a bit heavy in firepower…think I will toss out an Iron Daemon and throw in Hobgoblins for starters. Again, thanks, good to see/hear from another players point of view