[Archive] Looking for Gobbla, of Skarsnik and Gobbla fame


I’m looking for a Gobbla mini, preferably metal but the finecast is umm… fine. I have various trades and paypal, PM me with an offer if your willing to sell him/the duo.



I have him,I need chaos dwarfs

Name your price :hat off


I have a hellcannon crew set, a complete ‘classic big hat’ bull centaur, a part painted FW sorceror (the one with the hammer), a forgworld chaos dwarf drummer, a brand new finecast lammasu and a metal right side of a lammasu.

Any of that take your fancy?

Not my pics they are pinched from the net.



My bull centaur got his axe held close to his chest http://www.kestrelarts.com/mini/bullcent.jpg




why do you need him and What models would you give up as I would gladly take all of them

Its just I collect night gobbos so I just want to make sure I want to give him away

He is metal :slight_smile:


He’s going to be a troll on my underworld blood bowl team, along with neomics goblins, squig blitzers (the big squigs from ‘the chase’) and some GW skaven linemen and throwers. The teams kinda got a squig theme, I even have a multitude of the itsy bitsy old squigs as rerolls, long legged squigs e.t.c
I would give up the lammasu + one or two of the other minis or just all of the other minis minus the lammasu. Though this is all ways up for for bargaining.


How about the helcannon crew,lammasu,centaur and sorceror?

can you use a plain lammasu? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Storm of magic :smiley: I’m going to throw you a PM chap :slight_smile: