[Archive] Looking for more MM CDs, have same to trade


Hi all,

I am looking for yet more of the Marauder Miniatures chaos dwarfs:

MM90 - Chaos Dwarves

Please note that I already have some of these, but please get in touch anyway if you’d be interested in a trade.

For trade I have the following:

Chaos Renegades boxed set (NM condition, basically as new)


Chaos dwarfs:

Marauder chaos dwarfs from top link:

2- hammer guy

ball and chain guy

2-sword guy

wolf’s head and axe

sword/shield from MM90/2

Citadel chaos dwarfs:


#16 and 22



Marauder dwarfs:

Top set of 4 (MM15/1): MM15 - Dwarf Warriors

Regards, Martin