[Archive] Looking for "official GW" canon material/fluff?


Hello, firstly I’m sorry if this is the wrong spot to post this question:

I haven’t played Warhammer since 6th edition, but I’ve always loved the Chaos Dwarfs and will be playing one in an upcoming RPG.

I’ve found a number of “Chaos Dwarf” codices and army books online, but I’m wondering in terms of the lore/fluff in them how much is original GW Canon and how much is fan-made?

Can anyone offer some guidance? Or point me towards original GW content?



For AoS Im a bit unsure as most people I guess, I would point you towards Zharr Vyxa though.

Otherwise its the Tamurkhan book from Forge World. And if you are looking for older stuff, its the classic “White dwarf presents”, our last and only army book. :hat off


And don’t forget to look at out sites Wiki page (see below)