[Archive] Looking for Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz


I’m looking for another set of Oglah Khan’s Wolf Boyz so that I might kit out my Mordheim Hobgoblin Scouts with a dismounted form. As such, the wolves don’t interest me much, and I could do with as little as Oglah Khan himself, and two of his Boyz.

I’d prefer to use cash, but am willing to part with some sundry bitz to sweeten the deal.

Bitz and Models:

-Various unused War Trukk bitz, including the gang planks and some of the armored plates

-Hasslefree Miniatures Chaos Chick

-BfSP Pony and Grudge Cart, Forest Goblin Spider Riders, most of the Goblins themselves, possibly even the Thane, Effigy of Mork

-Promo Space Marine Sgt with Power fist and bolter that Mail-Order was giving out in August

-a single War Machine Steelhead Halberdier

-Kolony Militia Heads and Infantry Heads from Pig Iron Productions


I think these can still be direct ordered from GW y’know?


I think these can still be direct ordered from GW y'know?

The Dogs of War army isn't showing up in the Online Store anymore, and I haven't been able to find them under any of the various Collector's entries.


just had a look and it seems you are right. Sorry they were available fairly recently.