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I think it is save to delete this. Grimstonefire please at least let us talk this out so it dpesn’t end this way.:sad


Well, in the first piece of text (back cover) I’ve already spotted some spelling errors. Also some sentences are not really ‘flowing’ if you get what I mean.

You can send it to me and I’ll take a look at it. But I have to warn you I’m a busy man, so if you are in a hurry then it might be better somebody else does it.

Also, just out of curiosity, do the creators of the art and the models know you are using them?


Not all of them that’s true but if anyone has any objections of me using any of his work I will instantly take it out. :hat off


Got your PM and responded.

A tip though! In the future if you want to use anybodies work, then ask them for permission before you actually do! :wink:


I have to say that I am unhappy about how this has been compiled without asking the permission of many people to use their work.

I know for a fact that certain things in here people would not agree to you using them, and I’m guessing you don’t even know who did a lot of things you’ve included in the first place. The front cover being an obvious example.

As to the use of my own stuff, I did agree in principle for you to use my fluff, but what I intended was that you used it as a BASIS for writing your own fluff.  Not that you copied and pasted it word for word.  I should have made this totally clear in the pm’s I sent you a while ago.

I spent the best part of 2 years carefully refining and re-writing my fluff to make it as coherant as possible.  If I had known you intended to copy and paste it exactly how it is I definately would not have agreed to you using it.  This has  helped me decide not to let people use my fluff who ask for it in the future.

So its clear for people who download and read this, I wrote the following pages:

4-18 and 20-23 (so pretty much all the ‘background’ section).

Various little snippets of text throughout the bestiary section.

I will still proof read it for you, but being in pdf format I can’t actually do any edits for you.

I strongly suggest you have a comprehensive credits list for this…


Started proofreading and I got to page 2…

Having seen your attempt to ‘copyright’ this Dark_Harlequin, you no longer have permission to include anything that I have written.  It was done initially in good faith, but you have pushed this too far.

If you load this anywhere on this forum (or Hand of Hashut) without removing my text I will delete any threads and/ or links.  Or ban you if you persist (in reference to CDO and copyright infringement, not for using my fluff).

That you attempted to copyright it (even if it was just including the symbol) suggests I should inform GW legal of it should you publish it anywhere online.


Well I will have a Credits list as I alread mentioned in the Content section. As for the Permissions I am aware that I should have asked the people first. I’am also going to do this before releasing it I’m just kind of buisy with my exams right now.

Aside from the fact that I already look like the enemy of state no.1 on CD online for doing an army book I still would be happy if someone could volenteer to proofread it.

best Wishes



Okay, and to stay clear of any brawl at all I’m also out! I thought it was just some innocent use of some art and pics, but after reading Grim’s posts I just cannot aprove of what has been done.

Hope you understand this.



Ok that’s ok delet me but at least let me say this. I never wanted to copyright this to myself I already stated that I havn’t done ANY of the legal section and I was going to DO that. I just wrote you a pm asking you if I should take it all out and I was just on asking the owners of the pictures.

Well anyway just wanted to the comunity a favor. Am VERY VERY sorry you missgot that. I would realy like to talk this out with you because this is all based on a simp�Yle missunderstanding. Anyway if this is you last word than I fully understand.

Thnk you two anyway.

I just want to state again that trhis was all a missunderstanding and I NEVER NEVER planed it out the way you got it.

So far farwell then



Hey. I’ve got nothing against you! Just don’t want to get in between something like this!


I full accept Dark_Harlequins apology, and wish to offer my own in return.

I guess the problem here was a misunderstanding on both sides.  This may serve as something worth bearing in mind for our other forum members who are considering collaborating on something like this.  Make sure everyone knows exactly what they are offering, and that the credits are clearly established before opening it up to non project members. DO NOT put your own copyright on it, this would break GW registered trademarks and/ or copyrights.

I am aware how this thread may appear to our other forum members, and I do not wish to daemonise Dark_Harlequin (except maybe some horns as a gift from Hashut:)).  His clear enthusiasm in assembling this pdf shows he would be a great asset to our community.  

You are clearly a talented writer (from the bits I scanned, not had time yet to do the full proof read), so will not have any trouble assembling some cool background material.  I would be happy to help you with suggestions on this, providing you actually write it ;).

That I am a staff member means I should have taken more time to think about how best to deal with this.

If anyone wants to help dark harlequin with assembling his �?~new�?T pdf, feel free to help!


I will close this thread for now, as I think the feedback will be more on topic for your next version to start a new thread.

Let me know if you disagree and I will unlock this.

Anyone interested in helping or proof reading just pm dark harlequin