[Archive] Looking for some Hero Quest plastics



Perhaps there’s a friendly soul here that can help me finding a few OOP Hero Quest plastics:

What I’m looking for are:

Chaos Sorcerer


Any/some/all Ogre variant(s)

Undeads (skeletons, Gouls, Mummies)

Would prefer paying by paypal.

I’m danish, but as these are plastics postages shouldn’t be much of an issue.




I still have some of that stuff, some of it has a bit of paint on it.

We never had the Ogers in Holland, I saw the box once in england but never bought it.

I should have some undead and the gargoyle still…

Hashut’s Blessing:

I should have some Undead, but will check.


One day, I will recreate the HeroQuest game board with updated modern models.

That will be a fun project…

Sorry to sidetrack the topic… c.c

I assume you are looking for unpainted models?



Gargoyle (if complete) will certainly have my interest - painted or not.


Updated modern models :sick The original models are way to cool to be replaced :slight_smile:

And for painted vs. unpainted - well if its done with acrylics I don’t really care that much. Crystal soap will ‘eat’ it Im sure - and I want them for painting purposes.


am curious what you are up to clam.

I have a mint Heroquest as well as Kellers Keep and Return of the Witch King. I keep meaning to paint them up all nice and play it again.


Oh - nothing fancy. Want to introduce my son to other than 40K Space Orcs and stinky marines - and I have a game but quite few models are missing. We have heroes, goblins, orcs and a few fimirs - but ther others has gone. But will probably re-base and paint them.

Ogres are simply because they are awesome. And would like a little ogre warband (and a firmir one) for my CDs.


Have bought a complete set of miniatures - so just looking for the Ogres, now.


I just picked up a complete and unpainted Heroquest from a car boot sale for £2!




haha, nice try Clam.

Was wandering round the big boot sale in Hexham today as the last time I was there I got a tin full of old citadel minis and there it was. The woman said it was her busbands from when he was a kid but she didnt think it had been used as had been in attic for years. I had a quick look and other than not being on sprues or anything it didnt look used. Box is almost mint too with no tears or splits.

Feigning indifference I asked how much and had to stop a huge grin when she said £2!


I did that with a model a while ago. RRP £30, she wanted £1. WIN!!


Wow. Nothing like that happens around here.

By the way, is ‘Heroquest’ a good ‘entry’ game? My four year old daughter asked to play ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ a couple of days ago, but I think she would get bored quite quickly with the ‘psychodrama’, as opposed to having an actual board. I was toying with the idea of setting up a bunch of terrain and having her move around encountering ‘wandering monsters’ as a start, but maybe Heroquest would be a bit better. Thoughts?


Heroquest is pretty much the perfect entry game, she should be able to roll dice and fight monsters with minimal guidance from you.

I think most of my generation came into this lark through Heroquest and Space Crusade.


so true!

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I think I might have the gargoyle (the big guy with the whip and the sword, right?) lying about in my bitz box. Will check and get back to you:)


Actually, there is no need for that. Like said in post #8 I’ve picked up a complete set, and a just after a few Ogres, now.