[Archive] Looking for some old plastic dwarfs


I’m looking for around 30 old plastic dwarf warriors, preferably unassembled and ideally unpainted.  If they are unassembled I’d like to have some hand weapons only.

It has to be the version below (random pic off google)

I should point out that as they will be entirely resculpted ontop I’m not looking to pay that much for them… :wink:

I could trade for some bits from my for sale thread.

Anyone here able to help me out?


I have quite a few of those dwarf warriors, however they are assembled, but not painted. 1 out of 2 ain’t bad!

I may have some left over sprues kicking around too…


Excellent. I will be chopping the arms and heads off anyway, so assembly isn’t too much of a problem that way. Any hand weapons you have would be useful though.


Just bought a large amount of unasembled dwarfs. Both old and new. When they get here I’ll see how many I can spare.


Here’s some pictures of the models and sprues.`

Let me know which you’re interested in! :slight_smile:


Please see pm.

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