[Archive] Looking for some older models



6 Space Ork Warbikers (before the January 08 release)

1 Space Ork Trukk (as above, pre January 08)

5 Cold One Knights (The metal ones before Gav’s latest army book, with the old cold ones)

I have the newer models that replace the above versions, and am willing to trade them for the older equivalent. Also, due to personal reasons, I cannot execute the deal right away. Please PM if you have items, but i need to keep them on hold if possible

Thanks CDO!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I have the knights, but no cold ones for them, sorry.


We’ll see how it goes, hopefully I can get my grubby hands on the cold ones if possible


:cheers The thread title made me think of something else lol :slight_smile:


I have the bikers, they are painted, but I’D LIKE to sell them rather than trade, as I already have 27 of the new ork bikes.

pm me if you are interested


Hi there,

I have six of the old cold ones, with no riders (or just a few bits for the riders).

PM me if you would like to trade.


EDIT: I’ve PM’ed you, as requested.


do you mean the metal knights that sat on the plastic Dino Flintstone style cold one?

In which case I have 5 knights but no cold ones. Combine this with the above post and you’d have everything you need.

Hashut’s Blessing:

starscream, likewise. Except one has been replace by Malus Darkblade.