[Archive] Looking for some Skaven


Mostly looking for:



2 Ratlings

Grey Seer

Warplock Engineer



I have:


Dwarf Hammerers

Lots of Empire stuff

50 some Tomb Kings Skeletons

TK Screaming Scull Catapult (in box)

TK Liche Priest

Chaos Mortals Army Box BSB

the giant bats for VC


Its funny you should ask for Stormvermin. I have an unopened, mint box sitting in my office at work. I’ve been trying to unload it for a year or so but the schmuck who’s supposed to be buying it hasn’t …

Why all this interest in an army thats about to get an overhaul?? Wait a few months and the prices might come down…


I want an army to field when I can’t take the CD to a tournament.

Plus I just have birthday money :stuck_out_tongue: I want an army on the side to do so I don’t get burn out either. So far I’ve gotten my clanrats cheap off E-bay.

Let me know if you’re fed up with the guy and want to sell it.


I have 4 rat ogres, painted a bit, and 1 ratling gun.



Well, that was the implication behind me mentioning them. The schmuck is actually a good friend of mine, but she hasn’t come forward to pay the $$ despite many remembrances, so its up for grabs. Tempt me with your offers of trade, jewels, slaves and rare antiques. (or maybe $$)


I may have a spare model or two buried in my Skaven bitz-box. I’ll have a look.