[Archive] Looking for the official rules to play Chaos Dwarfs?


You could reword the FAQ. You’d have to reword both questions and answers, or better yet just rephrase it all as a single statement.


A wild clarification appeared:

Great Host

Ammend the Forces of the Chaos Host list on page 142 to include the Legion of Azgorh as another option.

Use those selection rules for a Great Host, not those given on page 186.

Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins

The Hobgoblin “Bloody Murder” result gives +1 to hit for both shooting and close combat.

The Hobgoblin Khan only has the Fast Cavalry special rule if mounted on a Giant Wolf without a shield.

The Daemonsmith Sorcerors is armed with an Ensorcelled Hand Weapon.

The Sorceror-Prophet is armed with a Darkforged weapon.

The Darkforged weapon is removed if the character has a magic weapon.

Drazhoath suffers from the Sorcerer’s Curse.


If Breath of Hatred is cast on a unit which is currently in close combat, the unit benefits from the Hatred special rule in its next close combat phase.

Flames of Azgorh requires line of sight.

A Look Out Sir! Roll may be taken for a character taking the Toughness test of Flames of Azgorh.

The Chalice of Blood and Darkness can be used at any point in either player’s Magic phase.

Iron Daemon

The Iron Daemon is described as a Unique Unit and therefore does not benefit from the re-roll granted to a war machine by an Infernal Engineer like a war machine.

The Iron Daemon cannot stand and shoot.

The Iron Daemon does not suffer the normal -1 penalty to hit for moving and shooting.

The Steam Cannonade fires at a target directly ahead of the Iron Daemon, not at any other angle.

All of a Hellbound Iron Daemon’s attacks are magical attacks, except those of the crew.

Despite the rule that the Iron Daemon cannot wheel or turn during a charge, when it contacts a unit it will wheel to “close the door” in order to bring itself flush against the unit it charged.

War Machines

The Hellcannon benefits from the rerolls from an Infernal Engineer.

Death Shrieker Infernal Incendiaries allow the template to move only towards the centre of the closest unit.

Death Shrieker Demolition Rocket hits a single model only. For a character on a Monstrous Mount, hitting buildings, character within a unit, the shot works in the same way as a cannonball.

A Hellbound war machine has a wound added to the profile.

An Ogre crewman adds three wounds. Wounds may be split amongst the Ogre and Chaos Dwarf crew as you wish.

Big Guys

The K�?Tdaai “Burning Bright” test is made at the start of each game turn from turn 2 onwards.

The K�?TDaai do not have Magical attacks, despite being considered as Daemons for the purposes of spells & effects.

The K’Daai Destroyer may not use upgrades from the Monstrous Arcanum book unless bought with a Binding Scroll, as described in that book.

The Lammasu may use upgrades listed in the Storm of Magic supplement at the costs listed therein.

I probably missed something.


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The Ravening Hordes booklet was designed as a “get you by” interim list book when GW published 6th edition back in what, 2000/2001? Very basic list but it worked for the CD’s, they started cranking out the regular army books right after that. And it’s been new editions every 4-5 years ever since then until AoS popped out last year.

I think you can still find the booklet on E-bay pretty reasonably, the FW book not so much so, it runs at least $40 if not more on there. I thought there was a fan book out too, somewhere. And of course 9th Age is going through the teething process trying to keep the ranked fantasy game going. Books and rules…