[Archive] Looking to the future of Chaos Dwarfs


Anyone remember any backround in which Chaos Dwarfs accept monetary value for their weapons/armour/war engines? Or is it a strictly slave based economy when dealing with other nations?


I think it is just slave based. Also, they didn’t really deal with other nations. According to the fluff right now set up by GW, it is only a single Ogre tribe and WoC that trade with them. After that they kind of just keep to themselves.


I think they sell to anyone who can pay, I remember reading old fluff about making armour and weapons for Chaos warriors ( Think i think 4th ed fluff ), Another one about making an Orc an robot steam powered boar ( 6th ed? ), They sell to ogres, Leadbelchers. Also there reference’s in Slave to darkness which is repeated in Liber Chaotica of the Chaos dwarfs building the Juggernauts of Khorne. Also lets not forget the mass hellcannon mobilisation ordered by archon in storm of chaos.

As far as what chaos dwarfs trade with, Im sure Slaves are accepted but things like precious metals like gold are accepted, After all they are dwarfs.

Thommy H:

It’s slaves, gold and more “esoteric treasures” (like a pickled Bloodletter’s head in exchange for the Crimson Armour of Daragan).