[Archive] Looking to trade BFSP Dwarfs for BFSP Night Goblins

Ghrask Dragh:


I have…

*12 BFSP Dwarf Warriors (with 2 attempted CD conversions)

*10 BFSP Dwarf Thunderers

I want…

*20 BFSP Night Goblin Warriors with spears and shield

My Night Goblin Army has had a bit of an update and I need some more warriors, as I have a bunch of dwarfs lying about doing nothing I thought it would be best to trade with one of you guys so they can be upgraded to proper dwarfs! :hashut

If you are interested please PM me, it will be first come first sereve and will post here as soon as I have agreed a trade with someone to avoid any disappointment.




Ill trade if you still have the dwarves. I have 20 gobos with spears and shields. LMK Thanks Orclord www.jlminiatures.com