[Archive] Lord Archaon's Army Small Update

Lord Archaon:

Hi My name is Alex Buzdin. I’m 14, i played Orcs and Khorne armies. I live in Latvia (I hope you know where it is:)) and started to think about a new big conversion project and then i had found a HoH site, i was amaized about how simple it is to make Chaos Dwarfs (i’m talking about Xander) and made this thing:

it’s a Death Rocket with one big crew counting as 2.:~

My plan is to make a simple Chaos Dwarf Army:

20 Blumberbusses

14 Warriors

10 Warriors with Great weapon

1 Heroe

1 Sorcerer

2 Death Rocket

1 Earthesheker

2 Hob Boltthrowers

I have a WIP Earthesheker I’ll post it soon.:hat off


Hi Alex,

I must admit, it’d be a lot better to comment if we could get some clearer pictures.

However, I must wonder. Is that Chaos Dwarf huge @.@

Comparably to the ones in the background, he looks pretty big. He looks kind’ve like a Ogre does to Men as he does to Dwarves.

Lord Archaon:

It is an Ogre, or it can be a Chaos Mutation of some sort.:slight_smile:

About Pictures: They was taken with a phone camera.

Within few days i’ll get a shipment of greenstuff and will start working on those dwarfs you saw in the background (I hope it will:~).

I’ll try to take better pictures of them.


Hey! You know, I make those avatars for free if you want one… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the old Battle Masters Chaos Ogre, if I am not mistaken. Even [[Grudge Bearer]] talks about Ogre slaves being used with war machines. So it works for me.

Welcome aboard!

Lord Archaon:

Exacly, i think he looks very Chaos Dwarf’ish with and without a beard.

About Avatars: you said you will not do them without a chaos dwarf mini on them.So i thought to make it myself:cheers


Hehe, I see, I see. :slight_smile:


Aha. I don’t have much knowledge of Ogres prior Ogre Kingdoms, so I’m like “Wow, BIIIIG Chaos Dwarf”.

I like it in the look of a Chaos Dwarf, but less in the way that it would be a slave. Do Chaos Dwarves really allow ‘Dress-up-day’ for their slaves? :wink:


Can’t really make it out… but thank you none the less. I now know what my FW ogryns will become :slight_smile:


Do Chaos Dwarves really allow 'Dress-up-day' for their slaves? Wink

Well, not all Ogres would be slaves necessarily. In recent fluff, the Chaos Dwarfs are said to have good trade relations with the Ogre Kingdoms.


Yes, I would think that some ogres would work voluntarily with the chaos dwarves, possibly even some orcs or black orcs considering the existance of the ironback boar.

Lord Archaon:

I made a Death Rocket to big.

And when saw the bas_2312’s :0converted ogres, thought i need to make one:)


I like the idea of having ogres in the fluff.

Where’s Latvia :slight_smile:

Lord Archaon:

I have a little problem with finding a camera:~ and i thought to show you my early work, a Hellcannon:

:hat off


Very nice! A brown wash could do wonders for the machine itself. :slight_smile:


Looks great with the base! My bases are boring ha ha :hat off. I agree with Xander, I really like to use ink washes for metals.

Father Grumpmas:

Nice job on the basing - the Hell Cannon looks good on a big base.

Lord Archaon:

Thanks, but You know i lost one of my games because of my Big base.:~

Lord Archaon:

Here is the Chaos Dwarf terrain i made:


Thanks, but You know i lost one of my games because of my Big base.:~

Lord Archaon
Hm, that is very unfortunate. At least you won a moral victory for looking good!

Lord Archaon:

Finally :slight_smile: i found a camera and i want to show you my first unit of warriors: