[Archive] Lord on Taurus


So I just recently got the Scibor Moskal’s General on War Bull, (waiting for Thommys response on the wing size or something else :slight_smile: ) Now since I have started a few other topics on how to run troops, lets start a new one.

How do you run a Lord on Taurus?

I tend to run him, but make sure that my General is either another lord in a unit or (and this is usually how I run my general) as a hero in a big unit.

I tend to always run the lord with Armor of the Furnace, then beyond that I always switch it up because I do not know what I want to run.

So how do you run your Lord on Taurus, and also how do you use the Lord on Taurus?

Are there other units that you seem to need or would like to use in an Army with a Lord on Taurus? I seem to feel that you need some artillery, but I do not know why I feel this is important.


Well, in V8, characters with winged horrors can’t take the charge of a wole regiment because of the ranks so i will recommand to use it as a flank support to tank the rear and flank of the ennemy. You can also use it as a hunter for cavalry and artillry. My lord is wearing heavy armor with dragonhelm, heavy weapon and preservation charm: 3+/4+, 2+ against fire attack, demons of chaos won’t appreciate^^

Da Crusha:

I think the advice dromar is giving is pretty good.

I haven’t ran a great Taurus in 8th yet, does anybody else have any builds they enjoy using?