[Archive] Lore of Hashut Yay or Nay

The Odor:

Okay I have heard many people on other forums trashing the lore as bad and actually useless but after giving it a read through I can’t help but to think its quite good. The only spell thats really meh is the Hell Hammer while the others are quite good and a few are great (Ash Storm, Curse of H. ETC). The atribute aint very hot but the spells are still good.


I love it and never leave home w/out it on my level 4.  However i could see a tough game ahead of me if i were to not get ash storm nor flames of azgorh (sp).  Thankfully this has yet to happen to me.  

Now if i was to mount my Prophet on a Taurus, it would be extremely difficult for me to not take fire becuase of it healing the big bull.


The problem with LoH is that it’s mostly short ranged… the one spell that’s LoS, anywhere on the table is awesome, but it’s once again up tot the dice if you get it or not.
There’s also a nice combo in it, where you make one unit flammable, then cast a spell that inflicts extra damage on flammable units…
(don’t remember the names of the spells, and I don’t have a book at hand… sorry!)

I always take LoH, if only because it’s good for fluf :slight_smile:

The Odor:

BoomBoom: Since I only like two spells in the lore of Fire (Fireball & Sword of Ruin) I really dont like grabbing it on a level 4. But if I were to mount a prophet on a great taurus it would be a diffrent story though… (note it down for next modelling project)

Zuh:The spell taht make some one Flammable is Ash Storm but I cant see a spell that gives extra hits but most of them are Flaming attacks. And you add to the casting value.


Hmmm, was it extra hits or extra hits or extra casting value… Maybe I shouldn’t post anymore when I don’t have the book at hand :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I like the lore of Hashut, and I agree, when mounted on a taurus, the lore of fire could come in handy, though you’ll be able to get more of the shortranged spells of the lore of Hashut off…

Personally though, I like the Lamassu better than a Taurus.


Dont discount piercing bolts or flame cage from the Lore of Fire. Go back and look at their spell descriptions. Both can be very useful.

The Odor:

BoomBoom: I know they are great but I find so many more manysided spells in other lores.


YAY it’s a bag of fun

Da Crusha:

I love the lore of hashut. I used to run lore of death on my sorc lord, unfortunately I cant bring both on level 4s due to point restriction.


I find it really depends on my strategy.  LoH works great provided you’re prepared to wade into the front lines and are willing to be close to the enemy (see remarks above re: short range).  My last build I had a Lv4 Sorcerer-Prophet with Lore of Hashut on a Lv2 Lammasu with Lore of Shadow, and one other Lv2 Lore of Fire Daemonsmith. It’s been working great as the Lammsu should be getting in close to enemy characters with magical weapons in order to negate their utility, coupled with some hexes from Lore of Shadow and getting softened up ahead of time by Lore of Fire, or even buffing the Lammasu or Sorcerer Prophet from either or both of Lore of Hashut and/or Lore of Fire, and you’re ready to roll.

I found the combination of even these three casters gave me lots of options, although the above was in a 2500pt game. In a 2000pt game it feels rather restrictive as the best you can manage will be a Lv4 Sorcerer-Prophet with a Lv2 Lammasu (no other upgrades on the Lammasu), and one Lv1 Daemonsmith. You’ll have 5 pts left over for items/upgrades on these guys though, so make it count :stuck_out_tongue:

If I was limited to only one lore, I’d probably go with Lore of Fire… but as above, with more than one choice, I’ve been happy with whittling down opponents with Lore of Hashut and Lore of Shadow, and counting on doing direct damage or buffing my guys with Lore of Fire.

Oh, and … Yay!

The Odor:

Nico: You can upgrade your Lammasus? Acording to the lists in SoM? I have always played it as a unupgraded one Lammasu because of the diffrent point values.

Thommy H:

Yes, you can upgrade it. The extra points are because the Lammasu’s ability to negate magic weapons in base contact will also benefit a rider, which makes it better as a mount than a monster flying around on its own.

The Odor:

Sweet! I have to rework my list a bit then.


The lammasu option is genius ,now I have to buy one


Obsidian Muse:

I find it shameful that the Lore of Metal and Lore of Death are not mentioned at all. Shameful, I say! :mad

Metal magic is tons of fun when used against armies who use armor heavily, such as the Empire, Bretonnia and our hated kin. But even against non-armored foes it has its uses. Glittering Robe (Scaly Kin 5+) can make your Chaos Dwarfs near impregnable and Final Transmutation (turn people gold AND have everyone within 12" test for stupidity) can hold up an approaching army.

Death magic on the other hand is perfect to snipe characters, chariots, monsters and such. The signature spell Spirit Leech (roll D6 and add Ld, victim loses a wound for each point the caster wins) is very effective when your casters are at least Ld 9. Dreadknight (cause Fear or Terror) and Doom and Darkness (-3 Ld) can in turn be used to make the enemy run away from your troops and into the line of sight of your warmachines. :cheers


I’m not a big fan of the LoH because it’s spells are not really doing what I want to do with my magic. My magic needs to plug the holes my army has. Sometimes this means I need more answers to high armour troops and then I rather take lore of metal. Sometimes I want to ‘snipe chars’ (as mentioned above) and make ‘low’ ld army’s suffer. So I take the lore of death. (I love this lore vs O&G and ogres)

The LoH has OOMPH but not the strategic ussefulness. This is my biggest problem with it.


Sometimes I want to 'snipe chars'

Curse of Hashut is great at this, especially vs elves or any T3 or T4 character for that matter.


The biggest problem with the LoH is - in my opinion - that you have to buy a prophet to use it. The prophet is just not a very good sorcerer, he’s extremely expensive and has very, very limited casting abilities and boosting items available. (If i spend 400+ points on a spellcaster i really want him to pull his weight consistently. And by that i don’t mean “that one game where ash storm won me the day”.)

Other than that, i think it is a diverse and fun lore which supports the legion of Azgorh nicely: Hatred, slowing the enemy down, sniping enemy characters, obliterating hell pit abominations/ogre hordes/screaming bells. Just, 600 points is a bit steep to get something out of the lore…

The Odor:

Zhorn: I think you are overexpecting the cost. I have one on a Lammasu whose 620 I am sure I could run him more efficently at 400 oddpoints. I agree its still alot for a single lord choice but you get alot with him.


I think you need to maximise the ‘Warrior Wizard’ role for the Prophet if you want to get the most out of him. I run him with Enchanted Shield and Crown of Command, he’s fine fighting pretty much any trooper.

I find for the first turn or two, I go Flames of Azgorh and any remaining dice go to the Lv2 Metal for a Searing Doom or whatever. Turn 3 onwards its Curse of Hashut, Breath of Hatred and Glittering Robes.