[Archive] Lore of Magic?


Alright, so I’m tinkering with lists and debating Lores of Magic. Some thoughts on the three I’m considering (not considering Fire, aside from maybe a random level 1 with fireball for anti-chaff).

Lore of Death:
My VC rocked this lore until the new book came out and I really liked it Having ld 10 for that base spell can be brutal (just ask a few hydras). Also soulblight is an amazing spell, especially for bubble effect (that hex can be huge). Purple sun is an amazing way to make your opponent sweat, and is a threat to a lot or armies especially Ogres.

Add in a nice lore attribute, and it works.

Also, in 7th ed I always ran with the lore of death for my CD as it seemed so cool for them.

There are several nice spells which help snipe out enemy characters (casters and BSBs being prime targets) to really undermine their army’s overall strength.

Having access to a spell to cause fear/terror is also nice.

Lore of METAL makes metal sign
Final transmutation can be quite nice, effectively threatening to kill a third of a unit characters included. It can pop a slann or other nasties. Also against some nasties out there (Ogre death stars to name one) even with the reduced chance, it’s killing the model out right.

The other damage spells vary depending on army. Against some units they’re amazing, against others… less so. Though it is funny to watch a Dark Elf not get his reverse ward if you get a hit or two from the hounds on him.

Plague of rust can be nice, and can make up for if I don’t go with great weapons (due to existing models), plus one or two castings can make an enemy unit quite a bit less effective or more vulnerable against our typically decent base strength.

Glittering Robes can really make one of our units, or several if boosted, very durable. That is very nice.

Transmutation of lead is not a bad spell either… though I think it looks better on paper.

Lore of Hashut
This spell is certainly winning on the cool factor (followed closely by death).

Signature spell is very nice, especially with the FAQ making them get the reroll every time it is cast!

Dark subjugation is nice, and can whittle their leadership a bit so they’ll be easier to crack (also works nice if you make your unit cause fear/terror). Even just a couple castings can be big very significant. Especially since we can go for durable ranks/banner and have some strong soft combat res.

Curse of hashut is a nice character sniper, nice for going after casters (usually lower T) and BSB’s.

Ash storm looks like an amazing spell! It can really limit their magic phase, can make a unit far less effective on the way in or in combat (-1 to hit is always nice). Plus by making them flammable, it makes it easier to hit them with other spells or (if they’re multiple wounds) makes our magic missile and #6 spell even deadlier.

Hell hammer doesn’t seem terrible, but seems like it’s not amazing either. Against some stuff (low I monsters, Ogres, and the like) it seems very useful, but against blocks of troops it seems meh.

Flames of Azgorh looks amazing. It’s deadly as it is, with a nice high strength… and more importantly multiple wounds. So if you hit a character, monstrous infanty/cav, it can really ruin their day… even more so if you hit them with ash storm. The guy under the whole is really threatened too.

The only downside with the Lore of Hashut is only a lord can have this spell, so you can’t use a hero to increase your spell choices. That’s the real downside here.


So what do people use for their lore of magic? Also, if your lord takes Hashut what (if any) do your hero casters take?

I’m thinking if my Lord takes Hashut, if I have a hero he’ll take death (ld9 and the base spell can make for a nice sniper). Maybe fire if I only have a level 1 hero caster (fireball for anti-chaff/ethereal).


Also contemplating a Lammasu (never really did before). Mainily to make it Shadow caster if I can fit in the points. Having Miasma available is very tempting, plus if it is level 2 I might get some nice spells in Shadow: Withering, Enfeebling Foe, Miasma, Pit of Shades, let alone Mindrazor on Chaos Dwarfs.

Da Crusha:

I have been switching between lore of hashut and lore of death on my level 4, definitely liking Lore of hashut now though. this past tournament I used hashut magic and fire on my level 2 deamonsmith for fireball and potentially firesword. I used fire because I was rocking a great Taurus and wanted the potential to regain of wounds which I did once. definitely my favorites were breath of hatred which I usually cast at the beginning of games to give mostly everybody hatred then it would RiP for a long time. I also really like using ashstorm and flames of azgorh. I used curse of hashut a few times and never used dark subjugation or hellhammer.

I plan on removing the great Taurus from my list because of the recent FAQ nerf and instead put the points to great Weapons or another castellan. the fire wizard will probably go death because the hellcannon (only “warmachine” I used) doesnt need so much protection like other warmachines.


@Da Crusha: How are you finding Death? I’ve not tried it yet, as there are at least 2 spells which I would not risk/want on my Level 4 (Purple Sun being the obvious one)


hasut + fire on my warmachine baby sitting lvl1, fireball is always nice to help cover them


I’m planing to go with lv4 hashut on GT, two level 2’s babysiting warmachines. One fire the other metal. Death just seems the less fluffy choise to me.

Da Crusha:

@Da Crusha: How are you finding Death? I've not tried it yet, as there are at least 2 spells which I would not risk/want on my Level 4 (Purple Sun being the obvious one)

death was my favorite in ravening hordes and so was purple sun. I used to use a lammasu and fly around sniping characters. when I got into position I would drink potion of speed just in case, then use low level wizards to cast miasma and lower initiative, then high level wizard would cast purple sun down a flank or wipe out a unit. loved it. high risk, high reward. that combo doesnt work so well now any more though. mostly because low level wizards dont have shadow access and chalice of blood and darkness is more erratic now. also hobgoblins are near useless tarpits if the lord is across the table, I used to use a LD 10 Hero as my general in RH.


when I got into position I would drink potion of speed just in case

Da Crusha
Agreed. That would be a 1+ option on my Level 4, when taking Death.

Have you tried it with the Legion of Azgorh?

Da Crusha:

yeah, I used it at one 5 game tournament so far, didnt like it as much, the 2 low level shadow wizards is what really made it more effective. I wasnt using the chalice from loa though because it was more erratic then RH. Im going to try and reincorporate it again though since its been FAQed.


I really do not know what Lore choose cause I like all of them.

Hashut Lore has a lot of combos with flaming weapons of CD and the final spell is simply brutal. And, hate. Hate is the key:hat Short range, although, so I only choose it if I know my sorcerer is going to be close combat.

Death Lore works fine with CD and their high Leadership. Heroes and monsters fear this. Short range as well.

I like Metal Lore cause its buff spells (scalky skin and +1 to hit). And if you go against Chaos or similar, the first spell becomes destructive.

Maybe Fire Lore was the worst but I think it can worth it if all your sorcerers have it. It is redundant cause CD has a lot of War Machines and guns but MORE fire ever is welcome. And if you have a Taurus, you can heal it.


Lore of Hashut for my Prophet, every time. Flames of Azgorh has people reaching for their dispel scrolls before I’ve even rolled the dice. It’s not even reliable, I’ve not had any big kills with it so far, it just scares the crap out of people.

Breath of Hatred makes the Destroyer insane, he killed 3 Mournfangs in one round at Winter Incursion (no running them down, they were all dead, 9 attacks with re-rolls :)).

Ash Storm is also epic. When cast on a monster or MI unit fighting Fireborn, its amazing, not to mention the penalties against enemy wizards.

Fire, Metal and Death are all viable for low level wizards, all good signature spells. The good old 3 x Level 1s on Death for Ld 9 Spirit Leech spam is still horrific.


I do like having hashut on Lv 4 and Fire on Lv 1-2. If you do get ash storm off it can be great but I don’t find many other spells in Lore of Hashut that fantastic. I do like Death and sometimes use it on my Daemonsmith.

But at the moment I’m enjoying Lore of Metal. Obviously great against armoured armies but even against armies that aren’t always heavily armoured it still has fantastic buff spells that make your infantry almost invinsible! The thing I find is that most armies will have at least one or two heavy armour units and certainly their characters will be rocking a 2+ if possible.


I like using the race specific lore because it feels fluffy. I use high magic when playing my high elves, for example, even though it’s patently worse than shadow or life. So I use the lore of hashut on my level 4. Breath of hatred, boosted, at the start of the game is great - destroyers, hellcannons, fireborn - any of these with hatred is a killer.

I prefer fire on my level 1, but that may be because I like fireball to get rid of chaff, fast cav, eagles, whatever else comes near the warmachines. Metal just wouldn’t do the same job. But it does depend on you local gaming scene. If I saw steamtanks and mournfangs every week I’d go for metal.