[Archive] Lore?


What lore do you guys take on your wizards?

I generally stick to shadow and fire in small games, but will use death in higher point games where I can use the power dice from a lord to pump the lore for max potential.

I hardly ever use metal, only against chaos, dwarves and brets (not alot of any of those players in my area).

Uzkul Werit:

I normally use Fire even against heavily armoured foes for some reason and Metal. Fire is good against hordes with Metal countering armoured foes. I’d be tempted to take Shadow against Undead but Death is just a little pathetic. Their sixth spell is naff.


Shadow on a level 4…

Fire on level 2’s…

Metal on scroll caddies…

death on the shelf…

Lord Zarkov:

I generaly take fire; it has served me well over the years

The Slaver:

Fire and Metal. Fire has the actual in game power to cause stuff to happen. the Fluff options behind a Metal sorceror are just too good to pass up!


Not that I have ever played any high point games (2500+) but it seems to me the more points the better a Metal Sorc would be. Gives you some good options for crippling their artillery and heros, which seem pretty prevalent the more points you have.


so far I have only used Death but I�m planing to use fire to. Will wait a bit before I use the others.


I like the lore of shadow best.

baba yaga:

For some reason I have allways used fire (reminds me of “magma pool” and “eruption”) but I guess metal and shadow will do fine


i like the idea of metal. Their first spell even seems useful against stuff like chaos or dwarves. Would be better if it caused more wounds though. The 2d6 hits from the last spell is amazing.

fire is pretty basic, probably the most versatile but the least likely to surprise you.

shadow i think is more situational. I think it suits an offensive army better than a defensive one.

Uzkul Werit:

Rule of Burning Iron is brilliant. I used it in 2000pts against Brets were he only had the single Damsel. It sniped off a Knight Champion and tke a wound each from a Paladin and the Lord.

After looking over Shadow, I’ve noticed it’s only suited for higher level Mages. If you look at it most of the better spells need a pretty high roll to cast (i.e. Unseen Lurker). Death on the other hand is much better for lower level Mages.

The Flying Beaver:

I usually use either Fire or Shadow, depending on whether I need destructive potential or Unseen Lurker. I should try out metal more often, I have a very appropriate model for it… (Pictures soon :))

Lepreh Khan:

By default I take fire, but truth said I use my power dice to dispel remains in play spells most of the time. I’ll tell you what I love, getting wall of fire & Conflaguration of Doom off with irresistible force 2x against a tzeentch mortals army!


I use:

- metal most of the time, especially on 4lvl mages (spirit rocks!); in certain situations (heavy armored army) I choose this lore also on caddies (when using f.e. taurus)

- fire & death on 1/2lvl mages

- shadow very rarely, as pit of shades was tuned down