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Damn… I love all of it, including the Lammasu.


New pics !


Options for some big hats would be ace too


I think that these fireglaives are really the only reason to buy something of this range. The beasts are orthopedic and the warriors are okay… But the blunderbussers are spectacular.

Fuggit Khan:

I think that these fireglaives are really the only reason to buy something of this range.

It could just be my eyes, but I don't think those are fireglaives or blunderbuss...I think they are all crossbows?
Nice crossbow (or whatever they are) designs to be sure...but the models all have the same boring boring boring monopose.
And why can't miniatures companies these days make models that can actually aim/shoot straight forward? Always the same boring poses of models holding the crossbow/gun/whatever across the chest...I prefer shooting guys to hold the weapon up to their eye level and actually aiming forward.

Ah well...


I think that these fireglaives are really the only reason to buy something of this range.

It could just be my eyes, but I don't think those are fireglaives or blunderbuss...I think they are all crossbows?

Fuggit Khan
Agreed, they're crossbows, not fireglaives. But I guess you could always leave off/remove the bow part and have the stock and axe bayonet be a fireglaive.


With the exception of the boring firing poses (take note of Titan Wargames), I find the crossbowmen nigh-on flawless, with no awkward bits of gear. Everything is just right and beautifully detailed. These are the best Chaos Dwarf crossbowmen ever produced. The runes, the bull’s heads, the masks, the standards… Wow! As a fan of the Hellcannon and crew I’m much impressed.

Please keep us updated when the crossbowmen are released. :slight_smile:

Lost Kingdoms should produce a quality big hat kit. Such a conversion kit is in high demand in this niche. First to the mill will reap relatively huge benefits. I’ve just emailed the sculptor about it and the firing stance. Should you wish this too, then I invite you to do the same: adrian_perez_montejano@hotmail.com

They’re obviously capable of big hats, as seen here (nice to see the Mesopotamian god horn crown element used on this sorcerer - it was something which I used on the statue):


Haha they even have the rune on the skull in the saddle!! <3

#HashutRepresenting xD


Haha they even have the rune on the skull in the saddle!! <3

#HashutRepresenting xD

With a subtle difference: One side lacks its horizontal lines. A court protection measure? ;)


With the exception of the boring firing poses I find the crossbowmen nigh-on flawless

No twirly beards.


Hmmm… I dunno I think I would put the Avatars of War shedu head on this thing and it might be good. the mid forearm plates do look weird on the lammasu, I’m not sure how I feel about this thing. I feel like it was really all meant for Bale Taurus kit.

As for the regular dwarf miniatures I also don’t like the back handed grip on some of the blades, and I kinda hate that their beards are only curled halfway down. Maybe that is a more realistic beard curling? I have never tried to shape a two foot+ beard in big curls so perhaps this is how they ought to look? I’m a sucker for historical accuracy so I think I would forgive them if this was the case.

Regardless If they turned out to be cheap I would certainly snatch them up, they have great armor, horns, tusks, and facial expressions and I think they would fit in great with my Russian Alternative army.

@Admiral: Lol well I have said this before elsewhere but some loose Evil Dwarves of Ancient Times hats would be great! The ones from your Taming of The Wild Man kit where awesome. and also… Elves! How could you Admiral? your a pillar of the community! surely you mean dead elves? elf slaves? maimed elves? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I meant, probably monopose, but perfectly balanced. Yeah I know those are that kind of steampunk harpoon throwers, but rule-wise they are fireglaives/blunderbusses. The thing with those is that they are not bare headed so seeing the same face everywhere is not an issue anymore.


I find myself of a split opinion about these. Overall, I like the warriors and the crossbowmen. Well designed, lots of detail and they would fit in nicely with the style of the FW models. They are certainly not any more static than the FW models. I would definitely consider picking up some of those, though I would loose the massive, trip and stumble incurring sheaths or turn them into over the shoulder sheaths, and potentially add shields at a minimum.

On the other hand, not a fan of the style of the lammasu or Taurus which seem weirdly out of proportion/posed or too static respectively. Granted some of that may be odd angles of the posted models.


@Skink: Ah, right there! Well spotted. I must’ve been blinded by the crossbows to miss it. I can live with that design choice, though, because resin is easy to scrape down and it’s quick work to sculpt curlybeards of one’s own. No CD without big twirlies.

@Carcaearion: As for beards, it’s well possible to curl them almost up to the skin with curling irons, as evidenced in these quite realistic depictions (I’ve never seen the high curling disputed anywhere):

As such it’s just a design choice born out of the 3D-sculptor’s personal taste/vision.

As for hats, it’s in all collectors’ interest to see a good hat kit released as fast as possible, and Lost Kingdoms have the skill to pull it off. I will surely do hats for a conversion kit regardless of if other firms do their own first or not (then I’ll just max up my own style/s to claim a niche anyway). No worries there, but I’m rarely fast and it’s always best to assume a wait. Especially now that Zealot has begun to contract me for some small freelancing (dungeon clutter recently, a special thing to come after the Elves), and that I promised my brother to do some Elven stuff. My normal hobby activity, taken as a whole since I started with Warhammer years back, has been to slave for my brother and buddies, so this thralldom to promise is nothing new. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The evil dwarf work isn’t done for, far from it (I’ve got many future kit ideas juggling about), but I think it’s always good to vary oneself. It helps keep the various areas of interest fresh by letting you return constantly to them after diving into another area for a while. In this case it means that besides work for Zealot, I’ll mix Evil Dwarfs of Ancient Times with Elves and possibly some other oddball projects. I haven’t abandoned the malignant stunties, I’m just branching out into different factions as is normal with sculptors and miniature companies.

As for a maimed Elf, now there is a neat idea as an arcane power donor slave to some hag or sorcerer or arcane smith in the future. :cheers


They are together with ra the most beautiful new dwarves out there imo, it’s a shame they dont have hats and curly beard


The normal beards and the lack of big hat is perfect for me.

The big hats are réservée (in my fluff) to kings, sorcerer and other important leaders.


The sculptor, Adrian Perez-Montejano, was both quick in responding and understanding of the constructive critiscism. He took the trouble of reposing the crossbowmen:

Also he has some good plans for the kickstarter. If we want a big hat conversion kit, we’d better fund it. :slight_smile:


I know I’m being repetitive, but I find them really good. They only lack the spontaneous pose variation a traditional sculptor would infer, but that’s just a drawback of 3d design. With some little conversions those can easily be a reference, the same way FW is a reference on centaurs or Infernal guard.


Sorry about the double posting, but there’s an studio in Spain which has started to paint the kickstarter miniatures.

They look really similar to forgeworld ones when painted.

Here’s the captain:


This is getting good. I`m going to pledge at least for some of the models. Is there already known when the KS will start?

(Hey the mounted sorcerer already has a Hat :hat)