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So, I did one of these things about a year ago; but as I have forgotten what my old user name was (and to save me looking through every thread for a year) I’m going to start a new one.  

I’ve split my army building project in two.  One part is the slave horde that I’ll be detailing here; the other half will be the Dawi Zharr themselves.  

As I only just got my Warhammer stuff back after a year, I’ve spent the last week looking through and trying to remember what I was doing with all the bits.  So far I have pieced together a Siege Giant, Hobgoblin Horde, Wolf Riders, Sneaky Gitz, Boar Centaurs, Minotaurs and a scratch-built Hobgoblin Deathroller edit and an Orc Horde.  There’s also a Khan and a Hobgoblin caster.

I’ve got the parts for a couple more units, and all the ones listed above all need finishing off properly and could all be called WIPs.

The aim is to build an army that is compatible with Warhammer Armies: Orcs and Goblins, but which fits into my own CD list that I’ll use for friendly games.  I’ll put up pictures of the WIP models tomorrow and hopefully I can get feed-back and ideas from people to improve things, or for new projects.  I’m working on a giant ‘ore processor’ (needs a snappier name) that will be crewed by Hobgoblins and ‘count as’ an Arachnarok Spider for game purposes.  Once I have the rough idea of how it’ll all work I’d love some advice on how to get the right ‘look’.

I’ll update again tomorrow evening. :hat off


Hobgoblin Wolfriders.


WIP Scratch-built ‘deathroller’.


WIP slave horde.


Very-WIP Siege Giant.


Splendid. I like everything of it, you sure have some kitbashing conversion skills. Having a two-part army as you plan seem a clever move when collecting Chaos Dwarfs. I only hope you’ll fill the gaps (such as the long ones in the Warhounds and on the metal head of the Deathroller). Will you put in Chaos icons on the orc boyz’ banner? Will there be bearded taskmasters with whips at the back row of slave units?


Cheers for the feedback, Admiral. I’ll fill all the gaps in, but I usually do mould-lines last.

All my slave units will be lead by an Overseer with a barbed whip, acting as unit champion when I use the army as Orcs and Goblins.

I’ll be doing something with the banners to tie the army together, but I’m not sure what yet.


Perhaps you could give every standard one of these Chaos icons? They might be quite small, but could be placed below the main standard top if you want a larger one. If you have spare Chaos banner tops, they’d come in handy.

Placing a brazier (from the Bretonnian Bowmen box) on top of every banner would perhaps work, or even a sculpted and home-cast bull’s head similar to the Infernal Guard’s standard. Perhaps some fine jeweler’s chains could be used for decoration. Sadly, Forgeworld don’t do etched brass Chaos Undivided or Chaos Dwarf symbols. Otherwise that could have helped a lot, including for CD shield icons for the slave horde.

Perhaps you could aim for painting all the cloth banners in a similar style.


Cheers for the link Admiral, but I don’t think I’d spend money on standard tops - might make similar ones though. An idea I’ve been working on is having a slave crucified on each banner, as an “example” to the rest. Thought that wouldn’t work for scouts like wolf riders. I’m currently making some chains for the giant by linking together paperclip sections (cut to size) that have a thin cover of greenstuff to give it more bulk. I could probably use them without the greenstuff to make smaller chains - certainly I was thinking of having some slaves dragged behind the deathroller (it’ll count as a pump wagon) for some misdeed or other.

Once I’ve finalised an idea I’ll do some close-ups of it and see what can be done to improve it.


A WIP Chaos Dwarf warrior.  This is my first real piece of green-stuff work for a very long time, but it’s only the first rough work so it’s more to give an idea of the general theme than the finished product.


Probably at some point tomorrow, I’ll put up pictures of a finished (green) warrior, WIP BCs and a Dreadquake made almost entirely out of spare sprues and bases.

I’ll need as much help as I can get with the details on the Dreadquake, so I’d appreciate your help.


My Dreadquake is starting to take shape.  Unfortunately, my decent digital camera is out of action - so this picture is awful.


A better picture:


Woah… awesome start, it’s really looking good. Can’t wait to see it as it takes shape!


Thanks, Nico; I’m quite pleased with it so far. However, they say the devil is in the details, and it’ll be the greenstuff work that decides if it’s any good. I just hope I don’t wreck it.


Last pic before I do some green-stuff work. But I think putting some wheels on has really brought the model together and really made it look like a Dreadquake.


Whilst I’m taking photos:



For scale


I’m not totally sold on the heads and hands of the BCs… They just look too daemonic! The conversion you made on the lower body however is interesting, can’t wait too see a test model finished!

The dreadquake is absolutely awesome! I think it already works like this, just add some rivets and some details on the wheels and it will be ready!


The BC looks great so far! :slight_smile:


Skink - I can understand the heads looking wrong, but I hope they’ll look more fitting once the green is done. The hands aren’t daemonic, they’re from the minotaurs, so I’m not sure what you mean there. If you could explain why they don’t look right I can see if I can fix them. Thy’re an experiment, so they need work.

Tjub - Cheers.


…Now that I look them better I think that what’s in contrast whit the rest of the model aren’t actually the hands but the arms. Considering that the upper body of a BC is a Chaos Dwarf your arms look too bulky compared to the heads… They make me think to an Ogre or a Minotaur.

EDIT: I read now that they are Minotaur arms.


great work so far! I’m very impressed by how close the Dreadquake is in scale/concept to forgeworlds! :smiley:


Skink - I agree the arms are bulky, but I think this is overemphasised due to the model only being a skeleton right now. I think it’ll look far more proportional once a) I’ve formed the armoured body and b) I’ve bulked out the legs. If you look at the scale picture, they’re actually slightly bigger than the new minotaurs (much bigger than ogres and almost the size of the old metal giant). Hopefully it’ll work out. If not, they’ll have to go in ‘the box of shame’.

Ryanetc - The Dreadquake is so close because I had a look at a picture of the thing from Forgeworld and guessed the scale from the ogre. It’s not exact, because everything was made in 1" pieces due to the material (mantic bases) used for the chassis. That’s what happens when you build stuff out of leftovers though.