[Archive] Lots of angry little men


Well okay, I lied. :slight_smile: There’s no angry little men at the moment but there will be soon! This Is the start of my Chaos Dwarf army Blog. Chaos Dwarfs will be my First propper WhFb army. I dabbled with Ogres before but never carried on due to being about 11 and I had the attention span of a ham sandwich. But anyway, I’m going to be casting several differant heads for the chaos dwarfs as I’m not to struck on the FW ones. There nice, dont get me wrong. But I like the big hat type CDs.

Anyway, photos will be up soon.


Golder Goldeater:

:~ :expressionless: :mad… :slight_smile: Good Luck :cheers


Looking forward to them. Are you casting new heads for the FW models or for Dwarf conversions?


Cheers for the support guys :slight_smile:

I’m going to be doing heads for the normal dwarfs but I’m thinking of doing them all individualy as apose to casting. I know it may take more time and money but I feel I’ll improve my sculpting a bit.

I’ve started The Master Engineer. I might re-do his eyes. I had thought about doing the Handgunners without big hats and just helmets but I wanted a theme through the whole army so I went for Big hats w/ masks+goggles for the Handgunners and then Bighats w/ faces for the warriors.

And then next up is his base. All my Heros are going to be mounted on standy up rocks and the theme for the bases are going to be lava.

I’m finding it hard to find a model as a base for my dragon slayer. I want it to be like a Chaos Dwarf spawn almost. The back story is that a CD sorceror was trying to improve his magic by studying chaos spell books+scrolls and then something went really wrong and he mutated into a half Dwarf half deamon thing. So any help with that would be greatly appreciated. I’m going to improve the background on him dont worry. But they are the bare bones of it.

Cheers for reading