[Archive] Lots of Big Hats and Hobbos for sale!


I’m planning on getting back into the hobby again but I’ll be focusing on small projects built from scratch etc. I’ll never have time to paint up this army so it’s for sale!

I’ll be selling per unit as you can see below. Note: None (hardly any) of these models were painted by me… :slight_smile: some need serious stripping but that shouldn’t be a big problem.

First come first serve. Post here what you’d like, then PM so we can get into contact.

S&H is payed by buyer, prices do not include shipping!
I am shipping from The Netherlands.

First two units of plastic warriors ‘with command’!
Lot A:

Lot B:

Complete Earthshaker

Command (banner holder missing axe and banner top)

14 hobbo archers

Hobbo spearchukka

4 Hobbo Wolf Riders

Hobbo Hero on Wolf!

Hobbo Command

Back in 2005 I got one of my greens produced, so I still have a couple dozen lying around . It’s a steampunk Dwarf Driller who makes for a great hero! I’ve included a painted version in the pic (not for sale :cheers)

That about it, I still have loads of CD scraps which I might also en up posting here.



Hashut’s Blessing:

It might be best to delete those that you’ve sold. If the Taurus is still there when I can afford it, I shall buy it. How much would P&P be to England?

Miles Obscuri Fati:

ok i´ll take the steampunk Dwarf Driller and the lord and wizard and if it is still available the great taurus with lord (pls. informations about P&P to germany


I’d take hobgoblin archers, the earthshaker and a driller, if you could wait 'bout two weeks (just about then I’ll sell my VCs, so I’ll have the cash for these).


Hashut’s Blessing:

Thanks for the information. PM replied to.


Okay, here’s the deal.

It’s in my interest to sell these models as soon as I can, therefore whoever can pay for the models can them. So I’m not giving reserves. Though I’m only selling on this forum so I’ll leave it up to other forum members to decide weather to swipe the models once someone has already shown interest in them.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I meant to imply, with my earlier post, that I’m happy to be beaten to the buying, as I’d rather someone who can buy it now, did so, than waiting for me to have the money to make the choice.


Yes. I’m just making clear for the rest of the people how I’ll be dealing these dwarfs.