[Archive] LOTS of blood angles for sale


Im selling my old blood angles armie— anyone interested? All well painted.

I have

15 terminators, 10 normal 5 assalt

1 dreadnaught

1 captian

10 marines

1 rhino

1 transport with a big gun ( play it as whatever you want)

All for $260.

Location: US, colorado. Please ONLY email me if interested. Jd_mohr@live.com


you are gonna need to show pics matey. Also you need to state what edition terminators they are, the new multi parts are worth more than AOBR or old pastic and metal.

Lastly are you sure about that price? a quick calcuation, assuming those are the new, expensive terminators puts the total RRP at £144 or $231. Most online stores will give a 20% discount so I could go online now and buy that little lot brand new in box for £115 or $184.

Unless thats an incredible paintjob I think you need to adjust your asking price considerably.