[Archive] Maelzch's Chaos Dwarfs


after lurking here for an age, I’ve been bitten by the Dawi Zharr bug. I’ve converted two of my BFSP dwarfs in the past two days. I’m very pleased with how they’ve turned out.



turquois dwarf:

those look like very good beards and i realy like the flail

Kera foehunter:

great job love the guy with the fail!!the ammor looks great too Maelzch


they both look great, I also like the mask above the nose


Great stuff maelzch!

Welcome to CDO!! :smiley:


That’s a good idea with the flail. I’d stick with that for all great weapon armed warriors if you could, it would be a cool theme.

Looking at that model made me think, if you stuck a skull ontop of the GW instead of the flail and perhaps did just a little more detail it’d be a good simple sorcerer to get you started.


Only a little update, havent done much painting today, I’ve been busy assembling about 30 black orcs for my khornate orcs.

Here’s what I’ve painted:

It’s the first of my new chaos dwarf side project, sorry about the bad picture, my camera’s in a mood.